/ How to choose a built-in gas stove?

How to choose the built-in gas stove?

Mistresses even claim that cooked ongas dishes do not deteriorate longer than if they are cooked on an electric stove. If there is a gas supply in your house, the question of how to choose the built-in gas stove can be relevant for you.

The intensity of gas heating varies, inunlike electric hotplates, instantly. It is very convenient for controlling the cooking process. Gas burners do not require special utensils, evenly warming even the uneven bottom of a pan or frying pan, used for several decades. And cooking on gas is much cheaper than on electric stoves.

There are flaws in gas stoves - the main oneThey are that the gas panels and ovens are more difficult to keep clean. Open fire can sometimes melt plastic parts of cookware used in cooking. It also requires special control of the safety of gas stoves - both for the user and for the environment. But there are more conveniences when using a modern gas stove.

It is high time to forget about the need to keepplates of a match, as well as about the bottoms of pots and pans smoked by them with multiple attempts to light a burner. In all gas cookers offered by manufacturers now, the burners are equipped with a comfortable function of electric ignition of two types: conventional and automatic. Usual requires, together with the rotation of the knob, to press the ignition button, with the automatic it is enough just to turn the knob. These functions imply the connection of the gas surface to the mains, but the energy consumption is not essential.

On the surface of gas hobs the highestprice category now, as for electric stoves, there are electronic light indicators for gas supply to the burner, there are also indicators of the intensity of the flame. This ensures a more precise adjustment of the heating - no need to look under the pan and look at the flame under it.

Gas controlled by the automatics is a function,implemented in the development of Seppelfricke. The minimum power of gas burners is usually about 340 W, and with the electronic control panel, you can set the power, starting at 50 W, very accurately and with a small step. Now you can cook on gas even the most delicate dishes and sauces that do not tolerate overheating.

To that in plates Seppelfricke the system works alsoautomatic switching of the burners to the specified normal mode from the maximum power is an analog of the "boiling control", realized earlier in the electric stove.

Along with the usual burners on the built-in gas surfaces, rapid-burners of increased power for especially fast cooking are used.

Increased power is achieved by a multi-level design of the burner - it can have two rings, three and even four flame rings - the power of the four-level burner can be increased to 7 kW.

Such burners warm the bottom of the dishes evenly, the food on them does not burn, the water boils very quickly.

Reflecting on how to choose the built-in gasa plate, we will pay attention to a material of a hob. We will choose from: stainless steel, enameled surface, glass ceramics (or glass) and aluminum alloy with special treatment.

Surfaces in stainless steel, polishedor matte, are invariably popular. They are easier to wash than enameled, but to maintain their brilliance is not always easy, because such surfaces "keep" the stains from your fingers. Care for "stainless steel" requires special cleaning products.

Enamelled plates are also widely known andare experienced by time. Inexpensive, durable, they can be painted in any color from a wide range of colors. Out of fashion, only white color comes out as the most marquee. Cleaning the enamel from the runaway runaways, fatty deposits and other contaminants is very laborious, and over time, scratches appear on the enamel - they will further complicate the care. Enamel is very unstable and to chips.

Glass-ceramic surfaces in gas stoves are no longer a curiosity, they are not bad "settled down" in our homes.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of gasplates under the general name "gas on glass". Such a plate with the burners installed on it is covered with a layer of glass ceramics or glass with high strength to shock and heat. This is not only a design solution, but also a step towards increasing practicality.

Glass-ceramic panels are stored for a long timeattractive appearance. They are usually made of non-marking black or brown color resistant to mechanical and thermal effects of CERAN. It elegantly looks black burners made of metal and cast-iron grates for dishes. There are also more expensive white glass-ceramic panels.

The coating of glass ceramics never peels off. Perhaps the only drawback of this coating is that the liquid that has got on the surface, which contains sugar, can leave rough spots on the surface for a long time. You can avoid this if you clean the panel immediately after cooking.

Novelty is the most beautiful and practical panel ofspecially processed alloy, which has its basis aluminum. Such a surface is almost not scratched, does not tarnish over the years, and care requires minimal. The hobs are smooth, they always have rounded shapes, there are no sharp corners and fastenings on the outside.

On all gas surfaces, except for those where forInstalling pots on the burners have massive caps of a special shape, using conventional grills. The cheapest material of the lattices is a steel rod, usually it is covered with black enamel. With careful care, these bars look good. Alas, this material is not as durable as we would like: the enamel can peel off. Functional, but more expensive than the lattice of cast iron - that they do not lose their appearance under the influence of prolonged heating.

For ease of maintenance of gas panels, grilles are made removable and, as a rule, of two separate parts. Sometimes the grating halves can be hinged together.

With this design, the liquid that "ran away" to thethe pallet, it is possible to wipe at once, without switching off a plate and not removing ware from other burners. Lattices have a size that allows them to be washed even in a dishwasher.

Having defined the material, color and additional properties of the gas hob, you can decide in favor of a specific model from the offered in the retail network.

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