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Help in choosing a washing machine

First decide where to place the washing machine. This will determine the choice of size and method of loading the machine. Now the market offers equipment for washing with two types of laundry: vertical and horizontal. Often housewives prefer machines with vertical loading as more compact and do not require additional space for opening the door. Such a washing machine is easy to place in some unused corner. Washing machines with a vertical load usually have a width of 40-45 cm, a depth of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm.

Machines with front loading allow you to observe the washing process - for some housewives this is important. When choosing a front-loading machine, you should pay attention to its size, and that's why.

Usually the width of washing machines is 60 cm,Height - 85 cm, depth - from 32 to 60 cm. If you do not have enough space to place a washing machine, stop at the "narrow" model. These machines, having the efficiency of full-sized, at a depth of up to 32 cm can safely accommodate in the smallest bathroom, or even simply in a free niche. And they will not occupy much space in the kitchen. In addition, the front-loading washing machine can be easily integrated into the kitchen unit section; You can and, not integrating, use such machines as a nightstand or an additional work surface in the kitchen: just cover the machine with a counter top.

How much washing do you need? For single people, and for small families, a compact washing machine with a maximum load of 3 kg is enough. If the family has 4-6 people, a machine with a drum capacity of 4.5-5 kg ​​will be optimal. Only for large - over 7 people - families need washing machines with a loading of 6-7 kg

Drum - the place of the washing machine, where the laundry will beStay throughout the entire washing, rinsing and drying cycle. Drums in washing machines are made of stainless steel, but the tank is the capacity in which the drum rotates - it can be plastic, and stainless steel, and occasionally even enameled. Whatever it is, the material of the tank must be of high quality, because a poor-quality drum with a "weak" coating and out of order will come out faster, and (more importantly!) Can damage clothes or clothes.

Enamelled tanks lose stainless andPolymer by performance characteristics. So their use is reduced. But when choosing a product with a stainless steel tank, attention should be paid to: steel must be of high quality, using laser welding and rolling. Manufactured by this technology, the tank can last for 80 years, or even 100: this time is many times longer than the life of the machine itself! But the production of a tank from such material requires considerable expenses, which means that the machine itself will be more expensive. Steel of lower quality in no small measure reduces the reliability and durability of the product. With limited finances, it makes sense to look at washing machines with a plastic tank.

You can prefer a washing machine withA tank of polymeric material, such as Carboran, Poliplex, Polinox, Silitek. The main advantages of these materials are corrosion resistance, they are resistant to heating and the action of detergents. They also absorb vibrations well, making the car work quieter. The power consumption during the operation of such machines is reduced due to the special thermal conductivity of the plastic. Tanks made of polymer composite materials are reliable and durable, their service life reaches 25-30 years - in fact, this is the service life of the whole machine.

In practice, the possibilities of your washing machineDepend on its technical characteristics, such as washing class, energy consumption class, class and spin speed. Providing assistance when choosing a washing machine, it is worth considering these parameters.

Washing class by washing machine Is denoted by Latin letters from A to G, withThis class A and B correspond to a high quality wash that is distinguished by a careful attitude to the fabric. By the same principle, the spin classes are also divided. It should be taken into account that this indicator is much more important than the number of revolutions during spinning, as it characterizes the residual moisture of the laundry after washing.

Energy efficiency class Also denoted by letters from A to G - these lettersReflect the degree of economy in the consumption of electricity during washing. Therefore, buying a car with a class of energy consumption A or B, you can achieve a noticeable saving in electricity costs.

Spin speed - an indicator not less significant. Correctly selected, it allows you to keep the laundry in good condition even after repeated washing. So it is better to choose a washing machine with several spinning modes for different types of fabrics - with speeds from 400 to 1000 rpm. High speed has the advantage: along with the moisture residues at this spinning, detergent residues are also removed from the laundry. The higher the spin speed of the drum during spinning, the faster your laundry will dry. But the ironing will require effort - at high speeds of wringing the fabric crumples more, and even faster wear.

However, modern manufacturers of washingMachines there is a solution to this difficulty - in models more expensive there is a regime that prevents mines on linen. Experience shows that the addiction to machines with a high number of revolutions is more a question of prestige, and not practicality.

Optimal for normal washing speed of spin -600-800 rpm. At 1000-1500 rpm you will feel the difference in squeezing except for coarse fabrics. But for different fabrics, the manufacturers of washing machines are advised to use a strictly defined speed. For example, fine linens and delicate fabrics are best pressed at 400-600 rpm, 800-900 are suitable for cotton and synthetics, and at 1000 it is possible, for example, to wring out jeans qualitatively. Turnovers above 1000 are suitable for terry dressing gowns, towels and similar volumetric products. It is very convenient to get a well-squeezed laundry after washing, but you should not pay too much attention to it: nevertheless, the quality and additional features (functions) of washing are much more important. Therefore, without chasing a high spin speed, it is possible to buy a model at 600 or 800 rpm, but more functionality.

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