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Useful sauna for human health

Turkish useful sauna for human healthGood with a healthy respiratory system, asthmatics - not exactly among the permanent. The regulars of the sauna experience in it a state close to euphoria. Dry sauna (Finnish) - humidity of air from 20% to 30%, temperature from 90 to 140 degrees. Doctors recommend such procedures even for children and unprepared adults.

Hardening plus

What happens in the body when we soar inSauna? Our biochemical factory starts to work in an enhanced mode, so the main thing is not to overdo it with "light steam" and temperature. A useful sauna for human health positively affects the general condition of the body.


As soon as a person enters the zone of highTemperatures, the body incorporates mechanisms responsible for the release of excess heat to prevent overheating of the body. This process is called thermoregulation. We blush intensely, the pores of the skin expand, highlighting sweat. Scientists have calculated that for one trip to cayuna, a person can have 0.5-1.5 liters of sweat. With it come out toxins.

Motor reactions

But after a 20-minute stay, these indicators are deteriorating. It is important to get out in time - the optimal time is 10-20 minutes.

Heart and blood vessels

From high temperatures, blood circulation is accelerated,The pressure rises, and the cardiovascular system begins to work more actively. For our motor, the sauna is good, if only to choose a feasible, sparing regime (the cardiovascular system is restored within 15-20 minutes). But it is worthwhile to stay longer in a couple - and the palpitation can become rapid, the head will spin. Then do not hesitate, leave the steam room.


Under the influence of high temperatures and steamReflexively narrowing the vessels of the lungs, breathing becomes quicker - this is the protective reaction of the body to overheating. The volume of lungs increases, from this and the skin breathes twice as actively. This feature of saunas can be used for people with respiratory diseases (provided that there are no contraindications). If the air in the booth is moistened with special infusions, broths (mint, pine needles, eucalyptus), then you will get an excellent inhalation, and at the same time get rid of the unpleasant side effect of the common cold - the common cold.

Muscular apparatus

Heat softens the connective tissue of the muscles and makesThey are more elastic, from this the tension in muscles weakens. From the body with then swiftly excreted lactic acid - a byproduct of intense physical activity. Therefore, steam after a sports training is very useful.


A useful sauna for human health increasesBlood circulation in the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles (that's why they say that steam rejuvenates). Due to overheating of the skin (in the first 2 minutes - up to 40-41 degrees on their surface), small skin vessels expand and fill with blood. About what it is necessary to remember necessarily, visiting the sauna, - about mandatory preventive antifungal agents. It's not enough how our body can react to the unusual change in the temperature environment - we need to help him cope with possible overloads.


It is undesirable to eat during the sauna procedure - food is poorly digested, especially proteins. And fatty foods and especially alcohol destroys the heart and liver. Limit yourself to herbal teas.

Cold, beware!

Sauna - an excellent shield against colds not only forChildren. Adults who visit the steam room 2 times a week, catch cold two times less often than usual. Scientists have proved that if in a sauna to breathe hot air, the temperature of which is above 80 degrees, then all pathogens of colds die. According to the latest scientific data, the sauna is capable of destroying more than 200 kinds of viruses! In addition, in a relaxed state (namely, in such a stay in the sauna), the immune system is activated. In the bloodstream comes an increased amount of interleukin hormones that resist the viruses of cold and flu. The doctors estimated that a 30-minute visit to dry sauna twice a week is enough to increase the body's resistance to various infections. In addition, despite the prevailing opinion that colds are bad, immunologists believe otherwise: a cold is self-cleaning of the body from the accumulated slag in it. And what, if not water and hot steam, contribute to their speedy exit from the body? There are also national characteristics of fighting the common cold. Chinese, for example, coughing and coughing, for treatment successfully combine sauna with massage, using chemical preparations only in extreme cases.

Toddler and Couple

According to statistics, small regularsSaunas risk of catching a cold and getting sick is reduced by 80%. And for the nerves a gift. Children who visit the steam room, less often peers suffer from depression and neuroses. But you need to soar your child reasonably: up to three or four years, doctors recommend a sauna no more often than once a week. First and foremost - always consult with your doctor, there are no contraindications for the child. At the first visit, the temperature in the therma should be no higher than 80-90 degrees, and the duration of the visit is no more than one and a half to two minutes, for small regulars - a maximum of five minutes. In a cold pool, a child can dive only after taking a cool shower and cool. With humidity, too, be more careful: doctors believe that a wet sauna is not the best place for a child under 14 years of age. The most sparing option is Finnish with dry steam and a temperature of no more than 100-110 degrees.

Extreme sauna

Glass walls. The temperature in the sauna is from 100 to 120 degrees, humidity - from 20% to 60%. The heater is supplied with hot water every 30 seconds under pressure, from which the whole room is wrapped in steam. Sitting on wooden benches, in a hot couple, men and women try not to close their eyes, do not move their hands and head, because this is a violation of the rules for which judges are taken out of ... saunas. This is not a report from the scene of hostilities, but a description of competitions in extreme saun sport.

It is interesting that it moves people ready for the hour to a numberSit in a hot couple. Feel a state close to euphoria. In the blood there is an ejection of adrenaline and so-called corticosteroids - hormones, which are secreted by the adrenal cortex.

Why is this necessary? There is the theory of Hans Selye, which says that the body must react to any strong stimulus adequately - by increasing or decreasing the production of certain types of hormones. When the level of adrenaline rises, blood pressure rises, blood circulation improves, taste perception becomes more acute. Such a person on an emotional level experiences euphoria, his state of health improves significantly. This is a powerful resistance to stress.

Feel a strong temperature drop - it's such a drive! However, any person should feel that temporary boundary of heat or cold, through which he can not step.

Rules for a good couple

Start visiting the sauna from once every seven days. Athletes are hovering 3-4 times a week after training.

Before a steam room, take a warm shower to wash offBody contamination, and do not wash your head - it should remain fats to protect you from overheating or heat stroke. To protect from hot air, you can use a felt cap, and put gloves on your hands.

"Before the steam room do not drink, and after - steal, butDrink it, "says the popular proverb, but doctors categorically do not recommend alcohol, either before or after the process: it dehydrates the body and dilates the blood vessels, which does not do any good.

The sauna can be visited in several visits - from 7 to 15 minutes each. In some saunas, an hour glass is installed on the walls to control time.

After each "call" lie on the specialFolding beds twice as long as they were soared, this will help normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system. Then you can drink juice, tea, kvass or herbal decoction, so that the body regains lost moisture.

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