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Quest - recreation for active women

What is a quest?

Quest (Quest) - (from the English. search for adventure) is an intellectual-extreme game for fans of active pastime, for those who are sick of the dullness of everyday life and banal night clubs, for those who are looking for new emotions and experiences. The essence of the game consists in the phased execution of various tasks. The goal of each task is to search for the code hidden in the form of an inscription on any house, post, garage in any street. The code allows you to move to the next level. The winner is the one who finishes first, that is, he will fulfill all tasks. They play teams on cars. In a crew that is conventionally called a "field squad", usually 5-7 people, including the driver. To coordinate the team in the "field" there is a "KC" - the coordination center - this is usually the team members sitting during the game at home on the Internet. They are a think tank.

To search for codes, each player needs a flashlight, and to communicate with the team - a mobile phone or walkie-talkie.

To date, the most common projects of the game format quest are Encounter and Dozor.

Quest, codes and "weak sex"

Today, more and more women are interested in quests,at what for absolutely different reasons. Some people play husbands and boys, while others start just for the company, at the request of friends. Many representatives of the fair half of humanity become authors and organizers on an equal footing with men, introducing a special creative and a piece of female logic into the games.

It would seem that for a woman can be worsethe dark cellar of an unfinished building or an abandoned landfill? It turns out that many of these places are truly delighted, and the search for a code written by a black marker somewhere on a god-forsaken maintenance station forces the heart to beat twice as often.

The code is most often a simple combination of numbers andletters, but to find it, you have to work hard. Speed, logical approach and quickness of mind, the ability to think outside the box, use information on the Internet, decisiveness help determine the place where the code marks are hidden. Unfinished buildings, abandoned refuellings and factories, bridges, cellars, attics - it's hard to guess where the team will bring a new level in the game. But only here, having overcome their phobias and having crossed the prejudices, having searched every square centimeter, there is something for which each player is ready for everything - the coveted code of the level. Often it is the woman in the team who becomes the best searcher, since by nature she is more attentive and focused.

Quest - an alternative to sports

Since the game is dynamic, and victory in many waysdepends on the speed of the tasks, then the physical load is quite large. Running, jumping, mountaineering, swimming - these are modest examples of what every member of the team can expect. Thanks to the quest, you can not only get rid of excess calories, but also get a beautiful sports figure, while getting a lot of fun, drive and positive.

In this game, the line between fantasy and realitysometimes very thin, here every moment conceals in itself a surprise and unknownness. In addition, the quest promises a lot of new and useful acquaintances, cheerful communication, inimitable rest in the company of the same creative, active and extraordinary personalities, like you.

Quest - "connecting people"

About 90% of the quests are men, so in addition to entertainment, the quest for a woman is also a place of acquaintance. A common passion, a common thirst for victory - what can be the best beginning of a strong relationship?

If at night you run under your windowsa crowd of people with flashlights, talking to each other about some codes, cars come and go, do not rush to call a police squad, because these are most likely night adventurers - quarriers.
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