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Influence of color scale on quality of rest

In order to properly restore strengthAnd working capacity, each of us has his favorite way of relaxing at home: someone relaxes in a soft armchair in front of the TV screen, someone talks in the kitchen for a cup of tea with his family and friends, and someone just likes to do all sorts of things household chores. But in all these cases we are in a room decorated in a certain color scheme. Whether we like it or not, different shades of the interior always have a huge psychological impact on us, thereby lowering or improving the quality of the rest.

So, what is the specific influence on our rest is provided by the color decoration of the interior?

To begin with, the existing diversityShades of color scale can be divided into two groups: warm and cold tones. To warm tones can be attributed yellow, orange, cream, red shades, and to cold - blue, blue, purple, greenish tones. Of course, the interior is rarely decorated in a single color, in most cases the color scheme of the room includes several shades at once. However, always in a particular interior, any color is dominant in relation to other tones. It is this dominant shade of color and will have the greatest impact on the quality of your holiday while in this room.

Suitable shades of color thatAre able to have a beneficial effect on the state of our body after a hard working day, are considered warm tones. The best is the interior of the living room, in which you like to rest after a hard work, to decorate in a yellowish-beige color scheme. These shades will help to quickly calm the nervous system and will influence the formation of a cheerful cheerful mood. In addition, there is another very interesting and useful feature for the rest of the yellowish-beige tones: if you hang "yellow" curtains in the bedroom, then in the morning awakening after a dream even in rainy cloudy weather on the street, you will have a feeling, That in the room through these curtains break the rays of the sun. It is hardly worthwhile to prove in detail that such a sensation will also contribute to improving the quality of your holiday. Try to apply this technique - on a psychological level it acts without fail!

But the red color is unlikely to suit the interiorLiving room. Despite the fact that this shade refers to warm tones, it will still have a negative impact on the quality of recreation. The fact that red color with prolonged exposure to our visual analyzers contributes to increased irritability and causes excessive excitability of the nervous system, and for a calm and relaxing rest in the evening such physiological reactions will be extremely undesirable.

Cold blue, blue and green shadesThe color scheme of the interior will have a calming effect on the nervous system. Being in a room that is decorated in such colors will be useful during the rest after conflicts at work. However, the stay in the interior of the room, decorated in such cold colors, should not be too long. Otherwise, after calming your mood will start to deteriorate and you are unlikely to be actively engaged in household chores - rather, you will be visited by a desire to contemplate everything that is happening around and a deep immersion in your thoughts.

And, of course, definitely not worth pursuing yourRest in the interior, decorated in gloomy, darkish-gray tones. Such shades of color can only exert a depressing effect on our nervous system, so the quality of rest in this case will be the worst.

Thus, choosing the shades of interior details in your apartment, think in advance about the influence of the color scheme of the rooms on the quality of the rest.

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