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Repair and redevelopment of your favorite home

Most of us are somewhat dissatisfied with ourApartment: "Now if you move the doorway, add a loggia, combine the toilet and bathroom, you can live." Do you want to do redevelopment? Carefully read this material and think: is it worth it?

Law on Guard

Dreaming about the convenience of his home, very few peopleThinks about the legality of this event. If you arbitrarily re-plan your apartment, then according to Article 150 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine, you are threatened with a warning or a fine of 1 to 3 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens. The sum is simply ridiculous, and therefore many are resolved to do repairs and re-planning of their beloved home without any permits. Problems begin in the event that you conceive your apartment to sell, donate, bequeath or formalize as collateral for a bank loan. Then it turns out that without a certificate from BTI, no such deal is not complete. And any commission, having verified the plan-scheme with the original apartment, will easily find 10 differences. Trouble can begin much earlier, even at the repair stage, if your neighbors are prevented by the sound of a jackhammer or construction debris on the site. They can call a commission with an audit, thereby violating all your plans.

Of course, redevelopment
Apartments can be legalized and post factum, but betterAll the same to issue the necessary documentation before the repair. You can trust all the approvals to the law firm: it will be more economical for your time and nerves, but much more expensive for your wallet. Given to some law firms, lawyers will need 5-6 months for the entire procedure for processing complex re-planning. Costs can be reduced if you do it yourself. True, there will be a lot of time spent - an average of 6-12 months, depending on the global nature of the plan. So, where do you start?

Complicated procedure

From the Housing Code it follows that redevelopmentIn order to improve the improvement of the apartment can be carried out with the consent of the owner, adult members of his family and the local administration. If all the households agree, it's time to go for permission to the district administration. Here, after receiving your application, you will be required to show proof of ownership of the apartment and a technical passport, after which you will be given permission to develop the project. Then you can go to the project organization or to the architect who will develop the project of your redevelopment. Do not forget to check their license! The ready project should be coordinated with the chief architect of the district, as well as with the fire department and SES. After in the district administration you will be issued a permit to start work, you should agree on the repair and redevelopment of your favorite home with your housing office. The written consent of neighbors, too, will not interfere.

When the repair is complete
, A commission is invited from the Housing and Communal Services DepartmentDistrict executive committee, which will put into operation your renovated apartment and issue an appropriate act. And only on this basis, finally, BTI will be able to make all changes in the technical passport of your apartment.

Faced with these numerous instances,And, even worse, with bureaucratic delays and bribes in this area, many landlords decide to change their homes without any permits and approvals, deciding that "when necessary, I will do it." However, this is then even more difficult and expensive. And when the question arises of selling or lending against bail, often the owners are forced ... to rebuild everything anew, returning the apartment to its original appearance! In this case, everything should be legal also because, you see, it is not very pleasant to live and realize that your neighbor from the bottom removed the load-bearing partition ... Conclusion? If you can not make the redevelopment legal, then do not do it at all. Your opportunities are not unlimited.

The redevelopment affects only the internal non-curtain walls in the apartment. But here there are limitations.

What can be changed:

Increase the area of ​​the bathroom by combining the bathroom and toilet or joining the corridor;

Expand the area of ​​living rooms due to corridors and auxiliary premises;

Make openings in curtain walls;

Dismantle the window sill with the installation of swing doors to the balcony.

And what not:

Increase the area of ​​bathrooms due to residential premises;

To unite loggias and balconies with other premises by dismantling external walls; And transfer heating batteries to the loggia; Affect bearing walls, floors and ventilation ducts.

Pay attention to: