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Unforeseen situations in another country

Victim of the attack. If in another country a thief or a robber has taken yourBag, immediately rush to the police. Police stations are close to all the stations, major museum centers. There, the crime will be fixed, you will be asked to fill out the papers, after which they will issue a copy of the protocol. It is very useful, when traveling in another country, to have, with you, separately from other things, several certified photocopies of the passport, the internal passport of a citizen of your country and a copy of the visa. Help to establish your identity may be a driver's license or other document with a photo, which is desirable to be carried along with a copy of the passport.

If the document was stolen, Act like this: Immediately after the theft, go to the police; Take a certificate of the incident. If you do not know the language of this country, try to find a translation agency; Make two photos on documents, if they are not with them; Go to the consular service of your country; Fill out the questionnaire, which will be given to you by the employees of the service, attach to it two photos and copies of all the documents that you have; Pay the fee and get a certificate of return to your home country, with which you will be allowed to cross the border. If you do not have absolutely no documents, confirm that you are a citizen of your country, two of your compatriots, who have papers certifying their identity, should. Therefore, just in case, carry the mobile phone numbers of the satellites by the tour group and accompanying persons. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the consulate receives an answer from your country for your request for your identity. If you have stolen return tickets together with things, you will have to buy new tickets for your bus or train at your own expense. If you planned to fly by plane, go to the travel agency that was organizing your trip: they will confirm by faxing the airline the fact of buying a ticket in your name, and you will be given a duplicate ticket and let in the plane.

I lost my luggage. You are in an unforeseen situation in anotherCountry. If, after arriving on vacation, you found that there is no baggage, please contact the representatives of the airline whose plane you arrived at. Present the baggage receipt, and you will be given a report that your bags and bags are not delivered to the destination. They will try to track down, and if you, in this unforeseen situation, have left absolutely no things, you will be given a bag with a "first-aid set." Searches can take one or two days: you will already bask in the sun when you are brought back missing. If the luggage is not found, you should get cash compensation from the airline.

Lost! Lost? Do this: Call the travel agency where you bought the ticket, and you will be dictated by the address of the hotel where you stayed; Address to the policeman or passers-by. Perhaps, they will prompt, on what transport it is possible to reach the hotel (or, if it is close, to walk). If no one knows, ask how to get to the city center; In the center of the tourist office: all police officers and guides usually know where it is. Above this institution there should be a sign, the same in any country: a green square in which the white letter i is depicted. There you will be prompted how to get there and draw the shortest route.

There is no lag behind. In you again unforeseen situation. You looked at the scenic views and lagged behind your group. That this story does not become a reality, always find out the time of departure. Put an alarm clock in your mobile phone for a time half an hour before departure, so as not to forget to return on time. Always allocate time for all movements with a margin. If your companions still left without you, call the travel agency that organized your trip. They will prompt that it is wiser: try to catch up with the group or return to the hotel until the end of the day, until all the others come from other excursions.

Force Majeure. Consulate is the territory of your country inother country. Employees of this organization, whenever possible, solve any problems (except financial) of the citizens of their country who have got into a difficult situation. Therefore, if there was a natural cataclysm or a palace revolution, if you were in an accident or the police - look for the opportunity to contact representatives of the consular department. They will help you get to your homeland. In the consulate you will find a doctor, if you suddenly get sick, and you do not have medical insurance for some reason. The basic rule, if you suddenly fell into an unforeseen situation in another country, whatever happens, be calm and collected!
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