/ / Los Angeles - the city of sin and the center of world tourism

Los Angeles - the city of sin and the center of world tourism

Today we would like to talk about Los Angeles - the city of sin and the center of world tourism.

Los Angeles is the epitome of the AmericanDreams, a city in California on the Pacific coast. Spanish explorers in the 16th century opened the "kingdom" - California. This place has always been characterized by great social activity. And life in one city, namely, Los Angeles, boils with passion day and night. Still would! After all, this is a city of movies, serials, entertainment, pleasures, the latest fashion trends, and then we just remember that Los Angeles is also a major financial, industrial and commercial center. The city impresses with its chic sea coast, luxurious boutiques, green alleys. The developed resort industry and cinema, undoubtedly, are connected with the climatic features of the city. It is located on a hilly plain, in the west rests on Pacific beaches, on the other sides is surrounded by mountains and desert. The average temperature in July is from + 17 ° to + 25 °, in January - from + 9 ° to + 18 °.

Each of us on television saw those very hillsWith 15-meter letters that make up the word "Hollywood", or the Avenue of Stars, in whose pavement are built stars with the names of all great people. All this from the outside seems not alive, puppet, faked, but it is worth to come here, and we will feel this crazy rhythm of life.

To the west of Hollywood is Beverly Hills -"A quarter of the rich and famous." This is a residential quarter, where the mansions of billionaires and movie stars are located. Every passer-by has the opportunity to close his eyes for a minute and imagine himself a star. It's Hollywood, and sometimes miracles happen.

In their spare time residents and tourists of thisThe beautiful city is waiting impatiently for the Disneyland amusement park and ocean beaches in Malibu and Santa Monica. Most of the visitors try not to settle in the city center, but outside. It is from there that his magnificent beauty opens. Although the concept of "center" in relation to Los Angeles is not permissible. The city does not have it, and there are only a few districts that form the city: Hollywood, Westside, Mid-Wilshire, etc.

You can talk for hours about how beautifulthis city. But you will agree, the picture would not be complete, if we did not talk about the reverse side of the coin, ie. About those who are not rich, not famous and experiencing problems. Sometimes the pursuit of pleasure leads to drug use. That's why Los Angeles is a city of sin. Los Angeles refers to the progressive cities in which the sale of marijuana is legalized. Despite the fact that there are vending machines in the city where drugs can be bought, local pharmaceutical companies abuse the position, which sell drugs under the guise of drugs. To acquire marijuana through the machine, you must have a personal card with a photo and fingerprints. As a rule, admission to such a card is possible only with cancer and several other diseases. Strange, but the number of machines has increased several times. Really so many suffering? The authorities vainly try to fight marijuana, which they themselves legalized. As you can see, brilliant American law does not work everywhere, and even the most ideal apple is never without flaws.

Nevertheless, Los Angeles is a beautiful city for a holiday. If you have the financial capabilities, an excellent company and the desire to learn something new - go to this chic city and you will not regret it!

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