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Fashionable and functional home vacuum cleaners

Visible to the naked eye, purity, absenceCrumbs on the carpet - it's still half the battle! Modern vacuum cleaners cope with microparticles, allergens, bacteria and dust mites, and even during cleaning they do not spoil, but refresh the air in the room.

He washes the floors!

The quality of vacuuming depends on threeComponents: cleaning technology, filtration system and nozzle functionality. Choose the optimal unit for your house: classic, "cyclone", combi, with aquafilter or detergent.

Familiar models
Fashionable and functional home vacuum cleaners withBag for dust collection, intended for dry cleaning, do not lose their popularity and are available in the assortment of most brands. The efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is largely determined by the material and construction of the dust collector: it is preferable for multi-layer bags with complex weaving of threads. They delay the debris and most of the dust before it hits the filters, and the suction power does not decrease as the dust bag is full.

Units of cyclone type have a plastic container instead of a bag for dust: cyclonic technology is economical, since there is no cost for replacement bags.

For practical housewives - combined vacuum cleaners, with a plastic container and a synthetic bag, which can be used interchangeably.

In vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter, the collected dustIt is soaked in water and settles in a container, and the clean, moistened air returns to the room. At the end of cleaning, the dirty water must be drained, the tank washed and dried.

With general cleaning
The best is to clean the vacuum cleaner: It can dry, wet and even steam clean floor coverings, carpets, tiles, windows, furniture, textiles. It thoroughly cleans the surface, copes with the old dirt, moistens the exhaust air. Inconvenience is the need to assemble / disassemble the structure for each cleaning, insufficient maneuverability and tangible weight. True, new products have a tendency to compactness.

Filters dust

All vacuum cleaners compete among themselves on suchCriteria, such as power, degree of filtration and comfort. To appreciate the model, compare the ratio of the maximum power consumption of fashionable and functional home vacuum cleaners (for novelties - up to 2500 W) and suction power (up to 550 W or AW: the lower the first index and the higher the second, the more perfect the design. The ratio is 1800 W / 400 W, for devices with a turbo brush the second indicator should be not less than 350 W.

Modern systems
Filtering the air can forget about the unpleasantSmell during harvesting. In addition to the bag or container, as well as the pre-engine filter, the purity and freshness of the exhaust air is ensured by fine filters: microfilters, electret or S-class filters and efficient HI2 class HA2, superior to S-class in air purification degree, and H13 absorbing not less than 99.99% of impurities. Individual models ionize the air so that the dust does not settle too quickly.

Reducing the noise level of a working vacuum cleaner is oneFrom the most important comfort conditions. "Tikhon" have a noise level of about 68 dB. Add amenities increased range - 10 m or more, soft bumper to protect furniture and body, compact model.

Has in the set ...

Bits and accessories should not be much,Much more valuable is their functionality. Four or five is enough, and additional ones can be bought separately. Nozzle "carpet / floor" with wheels to avoid scratching the coating. Convenient brushes are triangular, rotating 360 degrees.

Parquet brush for gentle cleaning of hard surfaces: preferably wide, with natural pile.

Turbobrushka for cleaning of a wool of domestic animals: the roller with a bristle on which wound villi are rotated rotates.

Crevice nozzle
For radiators, skirting boards and other narrowHard-to-reach places: preferably flat, with the possibility of extension. A mandatory attribute of fashionable and functional home vacuum cleaners is a telescopic tube, possibly "cranked", with adjustable length and fold, and also with a holder for attachments.

Vacuum cleaner for cars

Compact vacuum cleaner will work without connecting 20-30 minutes, and recharging will receive from the cigarette lighter (12 V). You can use the device and at home - for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

VITEK VT-1840 VC. Easily removes garbage. Included is a nozzle for cleaning instrument panels. A large set of filter nozzles, including HEPA-filter.

BOSCH BKS3043. Removes not only dry debris, but also liquid (up to 340 ml). Air blowing function. Two-stage system of hygienic filtration with a microfilter.

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