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How to cook a delicious gingerbread snowman?

Tupperware, like no other, knows thatIs a home comfort, because since 1946 it is famous for its utensils for cooking and storing food. All Tupperware products are distinguished by modern design and high quality: when you buy any thing you get a 30-year warranty. Given the modern rhythm of life and the needs of the housewives, Tupperware created a series of versatile products for baking: it is a combine from the chef for whipping cream or cream, and a container for kneading a dough from the collection of a cheerful cook, and a magic ball for decorating a cake, and finally for rolling out Test the super substrate (it does not need to be sprinkled with flour - the dough does not stick) and a miracle-rolling pin into which water of different temperatures can be poured.

Goods: Multifunctional: You can use the same product forCooking a variety of dishes from all sorts of foods. For example, a harvester from a chef is suitable for whipping and grinding products, and on a super substrate one can not only roll out and cut out the dough, but also without problems to cut fish or meat. On the eve of everyone's favorite holiday Tupperware offers you a fresh recipe. Each country celebrating New Year's holidays has its own culinary traditions: in England it's Christmas pudding, in Romania, Australia and Bulgaria - New Year's pies with surprises, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - strudel, and in Saxony - "Dresden Christmas igolysh". But the most popular tradition is to bake cookies in the shape of little men in the New Year. In Europe, they are called in different ways: gingerbread, ginger or marzipan. Prepare a delicious holiday snowman and pamper your loved ones.

For orthodox Russia Figures from the test are also traditional: Different figured pastries, reminiscent of unleavened bread, used at the sacrament, decorated Christmas trees, and an angel appeared in the house, fashioned from a salted tesla. New Year and Christmas traditions in our country intertwined, and Tupperware united the symbols of the New Year - a snowman and Christmas - a gingerbread man, having developed the Silicone Form "Snowman". And so that you do not puzzle over the recipe of Old Russian or Saxon gingerbread, Tupperware offers you a recipe for a gingerbread snowman. This recipe you can add and improve to your taste.

Method of making a gingerbread snowman

Cooking dough:

1. Brew strong tea in a teapot for tea, then rub sugar, egg and jam in a mixing container with a silicone scraper.

2. Add the sunflower oil, soda to the resulting mass, and mix everything well.

3. Pour half of the prepared tea, after separating the tea leaves. In a teapot for tea, pour in the flour and the remaining tea leaves and mix again thoroughly. As you probably already guessed, the company is called upon to make life easier for us. Now do not have to sprinkle the form with flour or oil it.

4. Take the silicone form, sprinkle with water and transfer the finished dough into a mold.

5. Place the mold in a preheated oven for 20 minutes for 30 minutes.

Cooking glaze:

6. In a large mixer, sift the powdered sugar through a flour sieve, add hot water, and knead thoroughly before forming a thick mass.

7. Ready the dish to cool a bit, take it out of the mold (apply a little pressure to the walls and bottom of the mold), glaze with glaze or simply sprinkle with crushed caramels. If you baked in advance, it can be stored in the refrigerator in the same form. Now you will have the spirit of the most beloved holiday in your house. Gingerbread snowman can be cooked not only for yourself, but also please an unusual souvenir of loved ones!

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