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How to choose a dishwasher in the kitchen

Here is the last point of domestic affairs, viz.Washing dishes and will be discussed in this article. In our inexorably rapidly changing and actively progressing world, it has long been common to have a dishwasher at home. Let's get a little acquainted with the technical characteristics, operating principles and variability of prices for dishwashers, depending on their functions.

The principle of work is to connect it toWater and sewerage, in the middle of the machine there are special baskets, where dishes are placed. The washing process is carried out in this order: the heated water under pressure (pressure) is sprayed with fine trickles into the dishes, then the mud is dissolved with water and detergent, then the dishes are rinsed with a special agent with water and finally dried.

The very principle of working and controlling the machine is verySimilar to the control of the washing machine, only in the first case the machine can be connected as a cold line, and to hot. But as we know, sometimes hot water can be turned off, so it's not very convenient, but this dishwasher will be less energy-intensive, as water does not need to be heated any more.

Before buying this miracle of technology, every masterWonders: how to choose a dishwasher in the kitchen? And the answer is quite simple. Let's consider those moments that need to be considered when choosing a dishwasher:

  1. The number of programs can be from 5 to 9,Including such as "Everyday washing" (50-65 degrees), "Very dirty" (provides for additional washing), "Soaking" (for very strong soiling), "Economy mode" and others.
  2. The size of the dishwasher: full-sized (60x60x85 cm for 11-14 sets of dishes), narrow (width 45 cm for 6-8 sets), compact (45x55x45 cm for 4-5 sets).

So how to choose a dishwasher in the kitchen, soSo that it corresponds to the ratio of price quality? Consider the options of this technique, which is represented by global manufacturers. The first is a dishwasher Ariston and Indesit - Italian models of a moderate price level, on average, cost from 250-600 dollars.

Include such functions: Tyrbo Dry system (ensures absence of stains on the dishes), a cycle of careful washing "Crystal", "Economical mode", the system of fastening shelves with movable holders "Click-clack" (allows you to change the height of the shelves without pulling them from the dishwasher).

The next option is the firm Zanussi - offers a high quality wash, approximately the price range from 350 to 600 dollars. It has the following functions:

  • Ability to interrupt the washing process, and then at the touch of a button it is possible to continue washing;
  • Three-level cleaning system.

Another choice of dishwasher offers a number of high-quality and world-renowned companies, such as Whirlpool, Bosch, Siemens, Brandt, Electrolux, Candy and several other manufacturers.

Summing up the results on this issue,That the use of a dishwasher in the kitchen instead of manual washing will greatly facilitate your work, especially it is not unimportant for women who are precious every minute and in general for those people who simply do not like to wash dishes. But not only in this plus, but also in the economy of water and the quality of washing, since the temperature in the dishwasher during washing reaches up to 60 degrees, which guarantees the sterility of your dishes. So that the choice is yours!

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