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First joint leave, what problems?

Problem 1. Who is who?

Often, after returning from a trip, the couple either marry,Or parted. Living in a common room can be considered as a "sampler" of family life. The situation is complicated by the fact that lovers after a free schedule of romantic dates plunge into the atmosphere of a round-the-clock stay next to each other. Then it turns out that your Romeo does not know how to defend his rights and therefore you were placed in a "chic" room with a view of the construction site.

Just a couple of months ago you could have been all night longWander around the city, holding hands. And now his beloved prefers to fry all day on the beach and does not react at all to your requests to take a walk around the city.

To avoid such misunderstandings and reduce the number of reasons for quarrels, discuss with a young man in advance what you will do on vacation.

Despite the fact that you spend your holidays together,It is not necessary to rush to extremes and demand from the beloved per-minute coordination of the cultural program or, on the contrary, to follow every desire of it at the expense of one's interests. Nothing terrible will happen if you spend a few hours a day separately.

Problem 2. In the accounts.

If before the boyfriend paid for you inCafe, do not put on holiday all the financial worries on it. Combine funds in the overall budget to avoid situations where each of you will have to pay for a pass to the observation deck. Agree on the maximum amount that you plan to spend on food, entertainment and transportation.

Despite the general "cashier", for reasons ofIt is better to store money in different places, rather than keep it in one purse. It's important to have some cash for pocket money. Hardly you want to spend money on souvenirs for relatives and friends of a young man. Although, this is your own business.

Problem 3. Chur, I'm at the wall!

At your disposal there is a double bed: Finally you will be alone! Perhaps after gaining free access to your body, your beloved will offer to lock yourself in your room until the end of your vacation. Or, on the contrary, realizing that you are always there, prefer the nights of passion football on TV. In these two weeks you will learn his true sexual appetites.

A common bed is not only an intimacy, but also a dream. So that night does not turn into a contest for pulling a blanket, you should not set yourself the goal of necessarily sleeping in an embrace. Let everyone equip their half of the bed the way they used to. In the morning, do not complain about the snoring of a loved one. Believe me, he also has something to tell.


• What a news: On vacation you joined a friend of your hero with his girlfriend. Do not sulk: they will not prevent you from being alone. Use the chance to impress your friends: turn on the charm! Let the boyfriend see how great it is to be friends with families!

• If you have a quarrel with a sweet, do not rushComplain about it to friends. At best, you will be considered a crybaby, at worst - the content of the conversation will be known to your loved one. Learn to solve problems yourself, without entangling others. This advice is appropriate not only during the holidays, but also in later life.

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