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Fresh green fragrant herbs

Unusual help for experienced or noviceHousewives - a miniature "garden" of fresh green fragrant herbs. Fresh green spices will add to your culinary masterpieces a pleasant aroma and unique taste. In addition, the grasses planted on the windowsill will fill the kitchen with freshness.

Lovely Heart
. Sow fragrant grass in a closed heatedThe room is available all year round. However, if you land them in the early spring, you do not need to install additional daylight. Quite an importunate spring sun will be enough for young parrots. It is best to use as a container for herbs small pots, which can then be substituted in a volumetric box. At the bottom of each pot lay coarse sand or shards of an old clay pot, a little karamzit, from above pour the ground. Pour very small seeds immediately into the ground, and lower them for a few hours beforehand into the water. If any of the seeds come up, remove them - they are empty. The rest sow on the surface of the earth and sprinkle, just not deep. Gently pour from the nebulizer. In a week you can already observe the first shoots. Protect them from drafts, because young shoots are very tender. If the window is bad weather, set the daylight lamp for eight hours a day to energize the plants.

Watering is necessary
Quite regularly, especially in the seasonArtificial heating, standing water at room temperature. The soil of fresh green fragrant herbs should be moist. During irrigation, do not deprive irrigation and green shoots - fragile foliage also needs moisture. The first two months must feed the plants. When the grass rises, it must be thinned out, otherwise it will not be able to fully develop. Large, correct in shape shoots leave, weak - tear out with the root.

Beauty with taste. To fragrant herbs planted in the kitchen, do not look like a garden garden and perform a decorative function, plant flowers to them. For example, onion with onion is good, bulbous with spinach, chamomiles are original. You can also experiment with filling the box. Charming compositions that consist of meadow flowers and spices look charming. Most often, only spice leaves are added to the food, so once the buds appear, remove them immediately. This will contribute to the rapid growth of leaflets. In addition, the flowers of fragrant herbs are especially decorative. There are only a few types of spices, the flowers and seeds of which are suitable for food.

Spicy aroma
. When harvesting, do not forget to leave severalPlants that will give seeds for the next season. For canning and drying, you can use the bottom leaves. Dry grass is better in a suspended or cut form near a heat source - a plate or heater. Then the spices are crushed or grinded into powder with a coffee grinder and tightly filled with jars. Take care not to spice over time.

Basil. Collect the young shoots and leaves. They can be added to the first dishes, meat and side dishes. Particularly harmonizes basil with pasta and tomatoes. Leaflets for the winter, dry and grind into powder.

It is good in sauces and meat. In food use the upper part of the stem, leaves and flowers.

Chervil. Young shoots will add a unique flavor to vegetable salads and first courses.

Marjoram. Leaflets of this spice will give the aroma of hot meat dishes, especially minced meat.

Melissa. This herb perfectly calms the nervous system, so it is added to desserts, tea. And also it is often included in the collection for the sachet.

. In fresh and dry form it is an excellent antibacterial agent. In addition, it fills dishes with a tart taste.

Cucumber grass. Young leaves are in harmony with vegetable and potato salads.

Rosemary. The leaves of this very fragrant plant are very good for meat dishes, especially game.

. In the preparation of the first dishes, young shoots are used.

Cumin - the king of dishes from sauerkraut. Cumin seeds are also fragrant in rye baking and marinades.

Sage. In cooking, use powder from dry leaves. Gives a pleasant shade to fish dishes.

. Used dry and fresh leaves in marinades, with canning, in aromatic oil and vinegar, to fish dishes, sauces.

Fennel. Aromatic fennel seeds give a special taste to pickles, meat and fish dishes. Fennel greens are added to salads and first courses.

We decorate the pots. Having flower pots and boxes on the windowsill, do not forget to decorate them. Beautifully designed containers will add romanticism to the interior of your house. Quite original look pots, decorated with paintings using stencils. To make the effect of antiquity pots easy with the help of decoupage techniques: cut out fragments of patterns, pictures from napkins or magazines, glue them to a clean pot and cover with several layers of clear varnish. Special romance can be achieved by making lace or braid. A bright decor is obtained if wrapping pots with colored paper or cloth, bandaging with tape.

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