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How to distinguish artificial silk from the present

To start a little history and facts. Silk was discovered 5,000 years ago in China. Fourteen-year-old wife of Emperor Huang-di was drinking tea in her garden and a cocoon of silkworm fell into her cup with green tea. Since then, many thousands of years, the export of cocoons from China was punishable by death. And finally, in 550 AD, cocoons were taken out of China with impunity by two monks in their staffs. And in India, the silkworm cocoons appeared thanks to the Chinese princess, who married an Indian king, and brought her silk in her hair. Further, when the export of the cocoon was authorized, then for the delivery of silk to Europe opened the Great Silk Road length of 12,000 km. In the Roman Empire, silk was equal to the price of gold. In France, silk underwear was fashioned by the Marquis de Pompadour. Silkworm is a blind insect that can not fly. In order to weave 1 meter of silk, 3000 silkworm cocoons are required on average, and silk thread can reach up to 900 meters in length. It's not clear how people got such an idea, but even a bullet Magnum 357 can not break through 16 layers of silk. That's what a soft and soft fabric.

Silk is recognized as the most expensive, tender, useful,Soft, strong and most natural of all fibers. No wonder they say "gentle as silk", silk is actually a very delicate fabric. Who has already bought and used natural silk is easy to distinguish from artificial always and with eyes closed. The touch of natural silk is so tender that it is impossible to forget. The difference between artificial and natural silk is that natural silk warms quickly, and if you bring it to the light with artificial silk, it will shine, and natural silk as a chameleon will pour.

The downside is that artificial silk is easily torn,Especially if it is wet, and silk is scattered with fibers and therefore products made of artificial silk should be washed very carefully, because in wet condition silk is very malleable to all sharp movements. Natural silk is very difficult to break, and if it does, the fibers break evenly and do not crumble. Natural silk quickly heats up, unlike artificial silk and keeps heat.

Some argue that the artificial andReal silk is very difficult to distinguish, but it is not. I do not think that anyone will risk this way to check the naturalness of their silk, but I'll write ... it is believed that this is the surest way - it's the firing of silk threads. Pull out a pair of threads and set it on fire, and immediately smell it - it will smell like burnt hair. If you set fire to artificial silk, you immediately feel the smell of burnt paper or synthetics.

Everyone knows that silkworms are spinning silkworms, andSo silk is 100% natural fiber. Proved by scientists and people who use silk, that silk has miraculous properties for human health. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which affect blood circulation and digestive system. Silk consists of proteins at 97%, and the rest is fats and waxes.

Fibrio is a silk protein that is favorableAffects the skin, and slows down aging. Amino acids and proteins are often used in the manufacture of creams for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, skin care products, wrinkles and aging of the skin, since silk has the property of retaining moisture. Proteins of silk envelop the skin with a thin film, which allows moisture to linger on the skin. Proteins of silk are often used in the composition of shampoos, restoring the structure of the hair, and protect them from the effects of the environment. The hair is covered from the outside with a thin layer of silk protein, and moisture is retained in the hair for a long time, and the hair does not become heavier. Buying balm or shampoo, pay attention to the composition and content of silk. Silk does not cause allergic reactions and irritation. Silk does not attract dust and it does not lead to bed parasites, since silk contains silicin, one of the types of protein that prevents the appearance of parasites.

If other tissues can become moldy and degenerate,Then silk is resistant to such processes. Silk fibers are useful for people suffering from asthma. Silk helps with joint pain, helps reduce itching.

It is believed that linens made of silk,Thanks to its unique properties provides a full and healthy sleep. Silk fibers can absorb up to 30% moisture above their own weight and remain dry to the touch. So the bed linen from silk fibers perfectly absorbs a moisture allocated by a skin of the person, as a result of a diaphoresis during all dream, thereby raises quality of a dream.

Artificial silk is a mixture of fibers obtainedArtificially. Artificial silk as well absorbs moisture, has a beautiful shine and is much cheaper than natural silk, it is easy to color. Artificial silk does not shrink, and real silk gives a slight shrinkage. Natural silk is shone from direct sunlight, and artificial keeps the color. As for ironing, artificial silk can also not be ironed, and natural silk should be ironed gently in the "silk" mode.

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