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Feng Shui: a mirror in the interior

Mirrors have a unique abilityCreate the impression of additional space, turning even a small nondescript room into a huge hall. In addition, mirrors - a bright decorative element in the interior design. But completely forget about the traditional purpose of the mirror (the ability to reflect) still not worth it, so choosing a place for him is especially important.


For classical and baroque interiors, forCabinet or living room will suit artificially aged mirrors. Specialists do this "from within", damaging the enamel, or apply on the surface reflect the engraving. Mirrors with the effect of aging are not cheap, but you can try to do it yourself, for example with a special paste. Handle it corners and edges - they will get shabby and in a crack.

You can decorate the mirror with gold or silverBy spraying - to draw though a golden autumn, though frosty patterns. And if you do not want to mess around, buy a ready-made tinted mirror - this fits in well with high-tech or modern-style interior.


The easiest way to decorate a mirror surface -This is to paste a photo portrait in the middle or in the corner of the mirror, create a collage of photos and close it with glass: this panel is suitable for the desktop and can serve as a decoration for the living room or hallway.

And you can insert a mirror in a beautiful frame,Made by own hands. Buy mosaic tiles and make a mosaic around the edge of the smooth surface - this mirror will look great in the bathroom. And if instead of tiles you take polished gems or inexpensive rhinestones, a real jewel will turn out from the mirror, which will serve as a decoration for the bedroom, boudoir or it will be an excellent gift to the girlfriend.


On this account, feng shui provides freedom of choice. Mirror in the interior can be any form - it does not affect the energy. Take a few small square mirrors in the same frames: either beautiful wooden or shiny silver ones and place them tightly - like bricks in the wall, in the form of a ladder, a herringbone, a beautiful "skyscraper", a cascade, and in general, as the soul desires. A few mirrors hang a little apart, continuing the main lines of the drawing. A couple can even be placed on other walls or on the doors to create a game of reflections. Then the space of the room will become mobile, constantly changing and for a long time you will not get bored.

With round to be more difficult to manage, butMore interesting. The different diameter mirrors in the beautiful frames on the walls of the living room will make it more refined, and for the bedroom it is the only true decorative element (it's worth avoiding corners here!). Mirrors are better to stir high (lower row at eye level of a standing person), then they will not allow to reflect unnecessary movements even in a crowded room, but give a play of light.

A wall composition is good to contain,For example, a round tea table with mirrored countertops. It will advantageously emphasize the wealth of lamps and dishes and will give a soft glow. Mirror inserts can be revived and any of the bored items of the interior (just glue the pieces of mirrors on the legs and other non-working surfaces).


Hang on the opposite two identical mirrors inThe same frames - a very popular trick. But this is also a powerful energy reception, according to Feng Shui. This creates a kind of labyrinth, which visually increases the space. Such a labyrinth can be arranged, for example, in the living room, where low sofas, and on the walls have not yet appeared paintings or other decorations. But with labyrinths it is worthwhile to be careful - avoid overloading with details. As soon as you notice that there are superfluous objects in the reflection, the mirrors should be reversed or even reduced in number.

It is not possible to decide on a fully mirrored wallEveryone - the whole interior should be thought out and rather concise, only then the world of the mirror will be ideal. But sometimes it's so desirable to make at least one such wall, and to it still add a mirror ceiling. The best way to do this is to choose a hall or a bathroom, that is those rooms that are not overburdened with the situation.

If you are embarrassed by such a radical step, andMirror wall to still feel like, do not hesitate: lay a mirror wall in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway or living room, but under the ceiling, set the rail, which you can hang a thin tulle curtain. Moving a living wall, changing depending on the color of the fabric and lighting, will never get bored. And if the mirror wants to hide, you can always hang an opaque cloth - flax, for example.

If you are not ready for such extravagantSolutions, there is no less practical option - a mirror screen. Separating the space, it nevertheless visually returns the room volume. The screen, decorated with only mirror inserts, adds lighting to the room. In addition, it performs its main function: it helps to hide unnecessary details like household cabinets or gracefully fence one of the zones: tea, workroom, cloakroom.


According to Feng Shui, a mirror in the interior needsPay special attention. The mirror in the frame with the sun's rays is both a fashion accessory and the oldest solar symbol that brings joy and well-being to the house. To hang such an original design can be anywhere - at least in the hallway for all the members of the family, even in the nursery, so that your sun looked more often at him and if possible did not forget to wash, for example, after drawing. Making beams is pretty easy. Take a piece of strong cardboard or plastic. Cut out the rays and attach them in a circle to the mirror, and then paint with paint from the can. Do not forget the place of connection of the frame with the mirror also carefully dusted with paint.

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