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Decorative Pillow Handmade

Let's start with the choice of fabrics. If you want to draw your attention to your wonderful decorative pillows, then it's best to create a duet of pillows and tablecloths, as well as chairs and armchairs. Matter of the same pattern can be pasted on a wall behind a sofa or an armchair. With this furniture, the pillows can be combined as follows: on a smooth sofa background place cushions with bright ornaments, the main tone of which will correspond with the color of the upholstery. If the furniture is covered with a very active fabric with many patterns, then it is not necessary that the pillows should be monophonic. In this version, the fabric will look good in a strip or cage. It is important to consider one rule: the patterned tissues can coexist with the same, but more restrained. It is equally important to take into account the style of the picture. Suitable for color, but with modern ornaments, the fabric of the pillow does not fit into the classical surroundings. But folklore and environmental motifs will be good in the interior of modern style.

Expressive to your interior will give suchContrasting combinations, such as, for example, orange cushions on a blue sofa. Or pink and crimson pillowcases in combination with the green of your curtains, or a yellow veil on the bed. Color very strongly influences our perception, mood, therefore to it it is necessary to approach competently. Too oversaturated interior with bright colors will be tiring and annoying. And the lack of bright combinations will lead to a depressing state. In this case, you will come to the aid of one rule: the brighter the furniture and curtains, the more restrained should be the pillows. If the color of the walls is calm, then the fabrics on the pillows should be bright.

You want to create a decorative composition fromPillows? Then it is important to take into account their number so that they do not seem to be a heap. They must be at least three, but not more than six. Lay out them with meaning, so that the color and pattern of the neighboring pillows are combined. Just do not level them, let them lie at ease. The same size cushions will attract attention with their cloth. But if the same matter, but different sizes, you can beat different compositions. For example, a pyramid, as our grandmothers did.

There are hand cushions with fragmentsPaintings, historical carpets. But this drawing and in the interior will require a retro style. Of course, the original pillows with hand embroidery, with laces and fingering. They can always give a twist to your surroundings.

Do not lose sight of the texture of the fabric pillows. After all, there are fabrics that do not get along with each other. For example, flax and velvet. Conventional furniture fabrics with a single-colored pattern are well matched with matte or satin silk. Also look good with velvet, velor or large flax weaving. But it's not in the subject will be brocade or other fabrics with a shiny matted thread. And you can not do without brushes, braids, fringes and other finishes. This is not only jewelry, they are the element that links all the design into a single whole.

• Invoice decor. Decorative elements help to connect fabricsAbsolutely opposite textures: wool and wood, jute and cotton, coarse linen and silk. Pillows can be decorated with all sorts of applications with the inclusion of colorful feathers, glamorous rhinestones, shells, pajetok. Volumetric elements also attract attention to pillows. In general, there are many options for creativity.

• Decorative braid Decorated many things since ancient times. And not in vain, because in combination with velvet, satin or organza, it creates a feeling of softness, romance and family comfort. Exquisite appearance cushions on the sofa will give a braid with included feathers.

• An inseparable finish of a classic interior is brush. Your pillows will become aristocratic. Refined fabrics such as brocade, silk and tapestries suggest the use of heavy brushes made from linen and melange threads.

Fringe. The type of frame depends on the quality of the material. On the silk case, the looped version looks better, and on thick fabrics there is a massive fringe. Always fringe handmade, twisted and looped.

Cords Can be made from strands of different textures andcolors. They can coincide with a shade of the pillow or with a hint of silver, bronze or gold. Especially this hint will be appropriate, if in the interior there are such accessories.

Thanks to the decorative hand-cushions, your interior will play with new colors.

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