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How to choose the right vacuum cleaner

The principle of operation is simple as all ingenious: Water and detergent are poured into the reservoir, then the liquid under pressure enters the nozzle, and from it onto the surface to be cleaned. The nozzle drives the already used dirty water into the second tank. When cleaning carpets and carpets in particular, use the maximum power of your vacuum cleaner. This is necessary for the carpet to be cleaned before it has time to get wet, since it will be very, very problematic to dry it. Therefore, when buying, give preference to the model that has vacuum nozzles and where there is automatic control over the supply of the solution.

The next important parameter is power. Here everything is clear - the higher it is, the better. However, manufacturers on the packaging indicate the power consumption, which is not the same as the suction power. Even professional models have a suction power of up to 1000 W, and a full-fledged high-quality cleaning starts at 400 watts. And for marketing purposes, manufacturers indicate the maximum suction power that the vacuum cleaner will have only the first couple of seconds after the start of work, then it will go to the rated power, which is less by 15-20%.

What else is worth paying attention to, it's onThe volume of tanks and the technology of their maintenance. For cleaning a two-room apartment is quite enough volume of 2-4 liters, for a three-room apartment - 4-5 liters, for a large house - 8-10 liters. Manufacturers represent a wide range of tanks: from 2 to 10 liters, so that you can choose the best option. It would be optimal if the vacuum cleaner had an indication of the fullness and emptiness of the tanks.

Filters are one of the most important parts of the detergentVacuum cleaner. Everyone knows that dust in the air affects the body negatively: pressure increases, there is a headache, a swelling in the throat, in asthmatics, it can cause an attack. Therefore, the quality of the filter system of the vacuum cleaner is a matter of utmost importance. Aqua filters are a new word in vacuum cleaners. In Russian, it is an additional reservoir where the dust that has passed through the water settles. Sometimes this tank is completed with a carbon filter. All this system can serve from 1 year to several years, but periodically the filters need to be washed with water.

Now go to the brushes and nozzles. Most often you need: a brush for dry cleaning, which has the modes "floor / carpet", a brush for wet cleaning, a brush for cleaning upholstered furniture, a nozzle for washing glasses, a slot nozzle and others. For wet cleaning of premises most often use a nozzle for carpet with a special adapter for hard surfaces, which will allow the floor to be washed like a mop.

For non-standard tasks there are special nozzles: A brush for blinds, a nozzle for washing windows, a plunger that can be connected directly to the hose, a foam rubber sponge for monitors and screens. Of course, they are not in every package, but it would be nice to have them. The turbo-brush is one of the most effective attachments, it is present even in budget models. If there are animals in your house, then it will become your wand in the fight against wool on carpets and upholstered furniture. She also copes with dust and dirt. Its effectiveness lies in a twisting brush, which, as it were, "combs" the fleecy surfaces and removes dirt from them.

Of course, the vacuum cleaner should be safe: It was switched off automatically at an overheat, began work smoothly, preserving the engine from overloads. If the apartment has no pantry or utility room, then usually the vacuum cleaners are standing somewhere in the corner, and occasionally someone stumbles over them. And since detergent vacuum cleaners are somewhat larger than their classic counterparts, they should have a compact ergonomic shape to make them easier to store, better in a vertical state to save precious square meters.

Now you know how to choose the right vacuum cleaner.

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