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Testing: How to choose a microwave oven

The size

When choosing a microwave oven, you shouldDetermine its size. The volume of the camera is determined by the number of consumers in your family. If the family has 1 - 2 people, then you can use a furnace with a chamber volume of 13 - 19 liters. If the family is more than two, and you love to receive guests, then an assembly with a camera of 23 liters will do.


When testing a microwave oven, choose the mostConvenient for you management. Control can be mechanical, push-button and touch. Mechanical control is carried out with the help of handles. Yes, and this is the simplest type of microwave oven guide. Button control speaks for itself, is carried out by means of buttons that are on the front of the panel. With the touch control you can see only the place with the information you need to press.

Operating mode

Microwave ovens, depending on theFunctions are divided into ovens with microwaves, with grill and microwave ovens with grill and convection. If you buy a furnace only for defrosting and heating products, then you will only have the device on the microwave. Love meat or chicken with a ruddy crust, then choose a microwave with a grill. It, in turn, is of two types - TEN and quartz. The TAN spiral can move as needed, which in turn allows the products to be evenly heated. The quartz grill is stationary, economical, faster, but has less power. In a microwave oven with convection and a grill, you can cook any dish. In particular, the mistresses who love homemade cakes will not do without it. But the cost of the device will be more expensive than conventional microwave ovens.

Camera Finish

The most common material is enamel. She is strong and easy to clean. Recently, more and more manufacturers began to cover the chamber with ceramics. It is also easy to clean, environmentally friendly, better preserves nutritional properties and vitamins. Only the ceramic coating is brittle, it can crack from impact. There is also a coating of stainless steel, durable and able to withstand high temperatures. However, it is difficult for him to look after and maintain shine.

Some models of microwave ovens do not haveOnly the above listed functions. Some of them have an interactive mode, when recommendations are displayed on the display during cooking. And you can buy a microwave oven already with built-in cooking recipes. You will only need to specify the type of product, the number of servings and the selected recipe. Ready-made programs make it possible to choose the optimal mode and the exact cooking time.

When choosing a microwave oven, pay attention toFor the complete set. It is desirable that the set includes a multi-level grill that will allow you to warm up the dinner for the whole family, and grill for grilling. I would also like to mention several novelties. The first is a microwave oven, combined with a toaster. The second is an oven combined with a hood, which is installed above the hob.

What should I cook?

For microwave ovens special dishes are needed fromHeat-resistant glass or fired ceramics. You can not use porcelain, as it can crack metal pans that can damage the appliance itself, and even utensils with a gilded edge. No less important is the shape of the dishes. In a round dish, microwaves are distributed evenly than in a square dish. Plastic plates also do not fit, only thermoplastic. For a microwave oven with a chamber no more than 15 liters, the pan should be no more than 1.5 liters.

A few recommendations

That your assistant has served you for a long time, follow this:

• The distance from the nearest wall to the microwave should be at least 15 cm. From the microwave oven to the refrigerator - at least 40 cm;

• Do not operate the oven empty, it may break. Just in case, hold a glass of water there;

• Do not use a microwave oven as a device for drying dishes or sterilizing empty jars. And also do not cook eggs in it, they can explode;

• Do not forget to turn off the oven before cleaning and cleaning it;

• want to get rid of the smells in the chamber, then boil in it a glass of water with a slice of lemon.

When testing when choosing a microwave oven, consider our recommendations. And you choose a microwave that is ideal for your needs. Successful shopping for you!

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