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How to choose a simple sewing machine

We must start with the fact that the machines are of three types:


- Electrical;


Mechanical Require the constant participation of seamstresses, and run using a manual drive, which is why they have already sunk into oblivion. Electromechanical Are machines of an initial level, and Electrical Professionals will need it, they are equipped with a microprocessor and most operations on them are performed many times faster.

We proceed to select a machine. If you are already familiar with sewing "on hand", and you need a machine for simple operations, for example, in order to sew trousers, shorten the skirt, sew a piece of simple cut or sew bed linens, then you should choose an electromechanical machine.

Electromechanics should be selected according to the following criteria:

-to the shuttle;

- by the number of types of stitches;

- The height of the foot.

Shuttles, where the lower thread runs, there areHorizontal and vertical. It is better to choose the first, because the horizontal shuttles are suitable for beginners, make less noise, are more convenient for threading and in care, it is easier to change the bobbin with them. Therefore, they are more popular in the sewing machine market. Vertical shuttles are used in industrial production and when sewing dense fabrics.

Number of lines on your future machineDepends on your budget and can be from 2 to several hundred pieces. Here it is better for the buyer to decide for himself whether he needs an extra fifteen stitches, or he will have the standard straight line and zigzag. It is worth noting that on some expensive typewriters there are seams, with which you can make small embroideries, with which you can decorate clothes, curtains and underwear. Be sure to pay attention to the height of the foot, so if it will fit too tightly, then the line will get a curve and the sewing process itself will be heavier. If you are interested in embroidery, then pay attention to the presence of the function of moving the fabric, with it, their implementation will be easier, but the machines with this function are not the cheapest.

Be interested in friends, what they thinkSewing machines are better, evaluate the design of the device, be interested in the bundling and the availability of additional accessories, such as walking paws or legs for sewing lightning.

If we talk about firms, it will be better if yourThe choice will fall on a well-known brand. For example, Brother, Singer, Janone, Elegance, Boutique-s. These manufacturers are good at making sewing machines at their own factories, their products are good in price and quality, good service and spare parts are always available.

Weighty plus automation - nice extra features:

- liquid crystal displays on which the whole process of sewing is displayed;

- a system of tips in Russian, facilitating the process of sewing and teaching him;

-System of self-defense, which allows to avoid human trauma or, for example, breakage of the foot and breakdown of the entire machine as a whole.

On such machines are easy to learn sewing beginners,Previously unfamiliar with the process, and they provide great opportunities and convenience for seamstresses with experience. We hasten to notice that if you are a beginner and started with an electromechanical sewing machine, it is quite possible that such an outcome of the events will lead you to sewing so much that you will want more and more complex works of a higher level, then you will need already in the electric Machine, and the old electromechanics at best will remain on the shelf or will be given to someone from friends or relatives. Considering this situation, the purchase of a multifunctional electric sewing machine looks even more attractive. Is not it easier then to immediately buy an electric machine, thus avoiding unnecessary expenditure and worries? The buyer should answer this question himself, because he already knows how to choose a simple sewing machine.

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