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Frameless furniture in the home

Just imagine what a person thinks, whoHears that you have an element of "living" furniture? Genuine surprise, interest and, of course, the desire to see everything with my own eyes. In these emotions, the history of creating the concept of "live" frameless furniture is laid. In the 60's, young designers made a chair in the shape of a pear filled with a lot of small balls. Appearance because of the mobile form more like a bag. Further - in general it is improbable. It is this object literally animated and made commentator of the relationship of a person with furniture in one entertainment show. So beskarkasnaya furniture at home became trendy and confidently settled in modern interiors. Only after testing the sofa, pouffe or armchair with joy you note that the new furniture is also very comfortable. But comfort is not the only advantage of living frameless furniture!

Frameless furniture - everywhere

If a couple of years ago, shapeless bagsfancy shapes, colors and textures were meant to create recreation areas for large entertainment establishments, today a "living" chair is a fashionable element of not only country houses, but also standard apartments. These original designs are quickly gaining popularity, both in children and adults. The secret is simple - a successful blending of the original product and commercial benefits. What can be easier: sew a bag of large size, offer hundreds of options for coloring and have fun. But it is the technology of filling and frameless construction that makes this furniture truly alive.

• Originality of frameless furniture is achieveddue to the selection of internal filler (balls of different sizes), upholstery (leather - for office or office, velvet - for a child or bedroom), color scale (monophonic canvases or drawings, ornaments, logos).

• Convenience is the repetition of the bends of the human body, its comfortable location and relaxation. Frameless furniture is suitable for both sitting and semi-reclining positions.

• The safety of such furniture excludes injuries when moving or playing children. Given the light weight patterns (5 to 8.5 kg), and moves easily moved in any space.

• Environmentally friendly living frameless furnitureIs checked not only by time, but also in different seasons. It is noteworthy that such furniture perfectly preserves heat and does not let the cold of the lower decks pass (floor coverings, earth, foundation). Balls of foam plastic are also not allergens and do not emit harmful substances.

• Creativity - albeit not the main thing, but not less thanImportant quality. Usually beskarkasnaya furniture is selected with a two-sided fabric design, which allows a simple coup to change the color of the usual space. By changing the form, quickly creates the right position - high, low - and involves whole companies of children, adolescents and adults in the process.

• Mobility involves movingframeless furniture during long trips or trips outside the city. Therefore, most models are equipped with special handles, which will simplify the process of placing in the luggage compartment or car salon.

Mistresses also note the simplicity of caring for such afurniture. The slightest stain, dust or debris from food and other products is effectively removed using a damp sponge, soap solution or a special sprayer for the composition of the fabric. If the time of total washing has come, the filler can be poured out, and the bag itself can be washed in the usual mode of the washing machine. Do not create problems and the resulting gap, cut or punched area, which can be sewed or glued. But nothing compares to the advantages of using frameless furniture, as personal feelings of relaxation for everyone who is in it.

Without loads

Emotional tension - today constanta companion of every person, since childhood. In these conditions, you appreciate relaxation and a sense of harmony in a special way. For children, a positive form and pleasant color solutions are also helpers in mastering and finding their place in the world. That's why many parents equip children's rooms with "living" armchairs, padded stools and sofas. Now people can experiment with the possibilities of new furniture and fully rest, in order to recharge again and again all around with their energy. Bright fabrics easily expand the narrow space, fill the room with warm light and are perfect for family and friendly gatherings. If you play or study something in this sitting, then at the same time there will be a process of deep relaxation.

Notice what we complain about at the end of the day? On back pain, stoop and fatigue keep the posture. It's not for nothing that they say that a light massage invigorates and quickly returns strength by relieving muscle tension. It's all about long standing in the standing position and heavy loads on the spinal column. Therefore, a place for daily relaxation in the form of frameless furniture will guarantee a good physical and emotional state of all family members. It is interesting that the owners of "living" furniture at home do not cease to amaze the technicians of sitting and reclining on their favorites. And from the outside, so in general it seems that a person is now in a heavenly place and he is very well. So it is: soft, but at the same time a dense fabric wraps the whole body securely, creates a sense of being on the clouds, helps to forget about problems and listen to oneself.

The goods face

You are imbued with the incredible advantages of frameless furniture and hurry to the store? Do not hurry! Buying "living" furniture, make sure all the standards it meets:

• Frameless or "live" furniture can be sewn from nylon, artificial leather, flock and other fabrics.

• Inside, there should be loose polystyrene beads 0.5 - 2 mm in diameter, which eventually diminish in size.

• The construction must be based on special screeds to be stable.

• Carrying handles can be located behind or on the side.

• Any "live" frameless furniture is selectedby the size of the following calculation. The distance from the floor to the seat is taken into account: XL - for a large person, L - for people of medium build, S - children under 8 years.

• Serious manufacturers always have several models, they take exclusive orders, all models are the same in style and technology of creation.

Simple rules of care

Because of the novelty and genuine desireTry out a new piece of furniture, "living" designs just will not stay away from the household and guests. Carefully observe the safety of the product and carry out preventive measures in time:

  1. In the process of operation, granules can decreasein volume and require fillings. It is imperative that the new content be identical. It is better to make a backfill together: through a cloth sleeve (tube), tightening it tight and zipping, after finishing the work. To fill a product it is necessary not more often 1 - 2 times in half a year.
  2. If the cloth part of the furniture is washed, then it must dry in a straightened form.
  3. Whenever you fill a product with granules, remember that it should not be dense. Otherwise, it will stop repeating the shape of the body.
  4. When placing frameless furniture in a room, you can not move them to the heating devices, keep them near an open fire.
  5. Watch for occasional piercing of sharp objects and sharp jumps. If you notice the poured out granules, immediately find and eliminate the place of rupture.

Live in pleasure and let the new technologies in production will only help. Enjoy frameless furniture at home!

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