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How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for cleaning a small apartment

So with home dust you need to fight seriously.
This process can be done as much as possibleEffective if you choose the right vacuum cleaner. Considering the living conditions of the majority of our fellow citizens, we first of all consider how to choose the vacuum cleaner for cleaning a small apartment.

The modern market is saturated with different modelsvacuum cleaners, differing in type and function. When choosing a new vacuum cleaner, users usually want to remove it first and foremost. But the idea of ​​cleanliness and cleaning at all different.

If you want to remove a small room,Stop on a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. It is suitable for uncoated floors, carpets and carpets, furniture and clothes, it is irreplaceable for parquet, piano or grand piano, in one word - items that do not tolerate moisture. These vacuum cleaners are cheaper and easier than the units for wet cleaning, additional costs - for example, detergents - do not require and are also small. You have a small apartment - it means that a small vacuum cleaner is suitable, for which you can easily find a storage place. Washing vacuum cleaner in your conditions will bring more trouble and costs than good.

Modern vacuum cleaners use 3 main methods of collecting dust: in a dust collector, in a plastic tank or using an aquafilter.

Replaceable dust collectors are preferred by manymanufacturers, and many users, because these consist of two or three layers of dust collectors are better to hold small dust particles. With a regular use of a vacuum cleaner, one such dust collector is enough for a month. Dust collects in the middle of the bag, to remove it you just need to throw out the clogged dust bag and insert a new one. Therefore, their reserves will have to be constantly replenished.

Dust through reusable textile dust collectorsPasses, as through a sieve, while it will strongly contaminate and subsequent filters. Removal of dust from such a dust collector is carried out by shaking it manually, which is not very hygienic. But the possibility of long-term use is a plus of such dust collectors.

Vacuum cleaners with a cyclone system collect dust inplastic tanks. Air in the reservoir of the vacuum cleaner twists around the filter circle, creating a small tornado, and solid particles are thrown by the cyclone to the walls, and purified air passes through the middle freely. The main advantage of these vacuum cleaners without a dust collector is a constant suction power. These devices are easy to use, do not require the purchase of accessories. But there is a drawback - you need to manually clean the container. This vacuum cleaner also has a very complex design, and energy in vacuum cleaners of this type is used not only to absorb dust, but also to organize the vortex flow.

Water for cleaning use vacuum cleaners withAquafilter. Inside the vacuum cleaner there is a container with water through which the intake air is passed - in the water the dirt settles, the air leaves. This system is good at least in that you do not need to spend money on dust collectors, and the air when working with such a vacuum cleaner is also moistened - as a result, dust in the room is deposited additionally. These vacuum cleaners are high - up to 99.97% - the degree of filtration. Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter are not expensive and have large dimensions.

Power describes the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Do not confuse the power consumption of the device and the power of dust suction.
The first is usually in the range of 1300-2000 W andgives an opportunity to evaluate the device for power consumption, that is, to assess the load on your electrical network. The efficiency of harvesting does not depend directly on this indicator.

The second - suction power - is 250-480W and determines the effectiveness of cleaning: the more it is, the better the cleaning result will be. For cleaning small rooms, a vacuum cleaner with this parameter at 250 watts is suitable.

Those who are interested in how to choose the right onevacuum cleaner for cleaning a small apartment, it is worth paying attention to the ratio of the described power parameters to choose a model that is economical but effective.

Filter system for all unitsthree-stage: a dust collector, a filter on the motor and an output filter of fine cleaning - it is the latter responsible for cleaning the air. This can be a microfilter, an S-class filter, a HEPA filter, which prevents small particles, microbes, dust and pollen from entering the process room. The efficiency of fine filters is estimated by the number of delayed particles with a radius of up to 0.3 microns. The efficiency of electrostatic microfilters is 80-99.9%, S-class filters - 99.97% or more, HEPA filters - depending on the class from 85% for HEPA H10 to 99.95% for H13. The service life of filters is different - ask this parameter before buying.

Vacuum cleaners, as a rule, are equipped with nozzlesfor carpeting, hard-to-reach places, hard and polished surfaces, upholstered furniture, and also - brushes for parquet, electrostatic and turbo-brushes - the latter allows you to remove even the animal's fur. Its bristles rotate under the effect of air flow, and electric brushes are fed separately by wires running along the hose and tube.
Ask which brushes, apart from the standard kit, you can still buy to the vacuum cleaner model you have chosen.

The suction pipes of the vacuum cleaner are different inDepending on the material of manufacture - plastic and metal, as well as from the construction - prefabricated (from individual tubes) and telescopic (work like a telescope: extend and lock in a convenient position to you). Telescopic pipes are more convenient.
Take an interest in the noise level of the vacuum cleaner - another important parameter of the device. Cleaning has to be done quite often, and you do not need a headache from a "loud" device.
There are certain standards for the maximum permissible noise level - from 71 to 80 dB.

Pay attention to the wheels - it will be convenient to use a vacuum cleaner with three or four roller wheels on the bottom of the case. Rubberized wheels will protect your floor from scratches.

The radius of the vacuum cleaner - the sum of the length of the cord, body, hose, tube and brush - is more important in the conditions of large apartments.

Additional functions of the vacuum cleaner can be designed for ease of use and protection of the unit - ask them about the availability of your chosen vacuum cleaner and evaluate whether it is worth overpaying for them.

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