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How to plan your independent journey

To begin with, you must decide what you wantYour darling. Even if until now the manager from the travel agency is your best consultant, this time try to find a replacement for him. How? Look for yourself on the Internet. Just look it right, so as not to get back to one of the mass resorts. It's enough to ask in the search engine a non-standard question, for example "butterfly valley", and not "5 star hotel" or "all inclusive", and you yourself will be surprised how many such wonderful places in the world, and each valley will be unique and beautiful in its own way.

So, the path is chosen. It remains to choose the means of transportation. If the country to which you decided to go is more than 5 hours of summer, then you must be prepared that such a trip will cost you a pretty big sum. Yes, usually air travel is expensive. But with certain knowledge you can make your flight quite budgetary. Budget airlines help you in this. If you order in advance, they can offer you a fairly modest price. But when ordering a ticket in such campaigns, you need to be prepared for the fact that the rules of the game will be very strict. You can not take twenty-eight evening dresses, how much the extra baggage fee might be more expensive than the air ticket itself. And if suddenly your trip will for some reason fail, the cost of the ticket to you no one will return.

The country is selected, tickets are ordered. Now you can think about the route and accommodation. And in this you again will help the Internet. In its vastness there are numerous sites on which you can book a hotel. And at these sites the price, often, is lower than the hotel itself offers. The only condition is the availability of a plastic card. Without its availability you can not book a hotel. You can plan your itinerary around the country, booking hotels in any city. But how to move in a foreign country? Doing without boring transfers and uncomfortable trains can be quite simple - rent a car. By the way, you can do it through all the same Internet. But, and if you do not know how to drive a car, then travel by bus or train. This can even be cheaper, since the cost of fuel abroad is much higher than in Russia.

Going on a trip to an unfamiliar country,Spend money on the guidebook. So you can read about all the sights, and already decide what is really worth seeing, and what is not worth attention. In addition, the guidebooks contain a lot of useful information. For example, how to reach, where to sleep, where to eat, etc. With him in an unaccustomed environment, you will feel at home. Good guides also contain maps, information on prices and the cost of various services, which is also not unimportant.

Well, here you are on the spot, already used to the newSituation, and already had time to get hungry. Do not hurry to enter the restaurant of the hotel or the first café on the noisy promenade, yielding to the entreaties of street barkers. Deeper a few blocks from the center to more modest streets - and you will certainly find, perhaps, not very luxurious, but worthy place with real local cuisine. Where they eat "their". And in addition with excellent food and low price. In such institutions, they usually snack and pass a glass-another local residents. You will certainly know them.

Do not hesitate to communicate! It is likely that you can meet new friends for many years. And this is new emotions, and new travels!

And if suddenly it happened that you do not go anywhereYou can go, believe me, do not get upset. After all, so much is still ahead. Maybe it's a chance to pause and ... discover your own city. Take a walk slowly along its streets. And the city in which you always hurry somewhere, will open to you from a new, completely unexpected side.

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