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A few ideas for Christmas decoration at home

Decorating the house and yard for the new year: ideas

Decorate the house for the New Year and create a feelingThe holiday should begin from the yard. The most inexpensive and affordable way to decorate, of course, are garlands. Look around carefully, select the outstanding details: stairs, windows, pediments, balusters. The light will be able to emphasize the things that you are already familiar with. If there is an opportunity to decorate the driveways, do it, so the guests will feel that they are welcome here. You can put lanterns or decorate standing along trees or bushes with garlands, only the light should be muffled and not blinking. In stores you can find garlands with photo-relays, which light up themselves with the onset of darkness. So your yard will radiate a holiday even in your absence. If the light on the street prevents you from sleeping or neighbors, then there is a good solution. Set the time switch, which will extinguish the lighting after a specified period of time.

If your site has evergreenPlantations, do not forget about them. More and more on the shelves of stores take place foreign jewelry. And why not feel like yourself a European and do not decorate the yard with candies and bows. The latter can be made exactly from red velvet fabric, hang them on windows, mailbox or on a branch of evergreen conifers. All this, moreover, will create in the daylight the atmosphere of the approaching New Year. If, nevertheless, an evergreen tree grows in your yard, then, as New Year's ornaments, place under it huge gift boxes. For these purposes, use old cardboard boxes, wrapping them with colorful paper and ribbons. Spread a number of spruce cones, pre-painted them in green, gold or red.

In the case of snowy winter, how to do withoutSnowman. It will be interesting to look at a whole family of snow sculptures: dad, mom and baby. This idea can work great! Decorate your work with all sorts of accessories: cones, a hat, a carrot and so on.

We think that once in their lives everyone molded a snowman and remembers how fun it was. Yes, and besides a completely free decoration.

Friendly and hospitable house on the eve ofNew year can be emphasized by hanging a wreath on the front door. He is also considered a symbol of prosperity in the house. You can either buy it from the store or do it yourself. To do this, make a wire frame of a metal wire of round shape, for example, wrapping a wire around the bucket. Frame decorate with fir branches, cones, stars, dry plants, wrapped in colored paper nuts. Traditionally, green and red ribbons are woven into the wreath, but you can connect your imagination and try using burgundy, silver, gold and white tones that perfectly match the rich greenery of the needles. But do try to have a certain color scheme in all ornaments. Otherwise, there will be a sense of disorder. It will look original, if your yard will be with scenery of one theme, for example, "winter forest" or "visiting snowmen". Do not pile up your yard than horrible, but stick to one topic, then it will look really festive.

Decoration of an apartment for the new year with their own hands

Let's move on to decorating the innerInterior. Undoubtedly, the focus will be the Christmas tree. Before you begin to decorate it, remember what colors you chose to decorate the house - use them and in the outfit of a green beauty. Choose also a specific style, connect the children and start an entertaining business. If you do not have the opportunity to put a living tree, and its place is artificial, you can get an unforgettable aroma of spruce with the help of a few twigs that will stand in the vase. They also need to be decorated. You want to create frosty effect, then prepare a saturated hot saline solution and for the whole night put a twig in it. In the morning, take it out and put it to dry. When the water evaporates, the needles will remain on the needles, which are so similar to real snow.

In the design of rooms for the New Year of your imaginationno restrictions. Fir-tree toys place not only on the branches, but it is quite possible to hang them around the house. Garlands can also be hung on walls, making of them, for example, a figure or a flower. Fasten the garlands on the eaves, hang them to them. Reflecting in them, the lights will create the mood you need. Single-color Christmas balls tie into a bundle and hang them on any available in the house protrusion, hook or attach to the mirror. Enough original ornament will be twigs of cherry, apple, lilac, which for 15 days before the New Year put in water. By the holiday they will release leaflets, and such twigs can be used in unusual compositions.

Will find its use and Christmas tree tinsel. It is enough to wind a tinsel on a wire, to give it any original form, to fix in a bunch with bells, bright Christmas balls. Then hang it to the floor lamp or chandelier, but so that it is at a distance from the light bulb. One can not help mentioning one important element of the New Year's decor - candlelight. Nothing else, like a romantic light from the fire, will create such a warm home atmosphere. You can place candles on the fireplace, table or sideboard. In this case, surround them with New Year garlands or branches from spruce branches with interwoven green, red or gold ribbons.

New Year's table decoration by own hands

And finally, a festive table. Once again I repeat that even when decorating it, do not forget about the general color scheme that you preferred in decorating your house. The color can be repeated in the dishes and tablecloth, which is covered with a festive table. The tablecloth and napkins can be with the New Year's pattern - this will give a solemn look. At Christmas bazaars, you can find many spruce branches that can be useful for serving a festive table. Cut it with a sharp knife diagonally, put it in the water for a day, and then slice the cut with melted wax, bandage the twigs with ribbons and lay them near the appliances, between the dishes. Needles will last about a day. From these twigs you can add a whole composition or wreath, which will find its place in the center of the table. Candles are better to use low and steady - unlike the classic narrow tall candles, they will not fall off the awkward movement when you clink glasses. If there is no special festive candlestick, tie the usual ribbons and small Christmas toys.

It is possible to collect independently and decorativeA still-life consisting of branches, cones, walnuts and Christmas-tree toys. You can paint it with a can of "artificial snow" or "frost". By the way, with the help of it you can create and the effect of frost on the dishes. Pay attention to each place from the guests. An example of good taste will be if you place a card with a name or even a small box with a gift or sweets.

Ideas for decorating the house for the New Year set! But the best solution is to emphasize your individuality and preserve family traditions.

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