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Using white in the interior

White color in the interior (and not only!) - the color of luck, success. It is light, airy, weightless. It symbolizes luxury and prosperity, while expanding the scope of the room. This color is unusually harmonious and, despite its seeming simplicity, is diverse. White color is the most reflective in the spectrum, so it is better to combine it with artificial lighting in creating an interior. The main thing is to remember for yourself the rule: when working with any color, it should not be too much! When using white in interior design, do not seek to use it in everything. White bedspreads, curtains, walls, furniture and carpet will create around you a real ice town. And what about home heat, because it is so important in cold winter evenings?

To use the white colorComfort and precious warmth and not create around yourself an atmosphere of medical sterility, you can use light-saving shades of white: pastel, beige, white and pink, white and yellow, etc. These warm white versions are representatives of a very fashionable now ecological style in the interior. Another way to create coziness and warmth is to use bright spots on a white background (paintings, shelves, furniture, sofa cushions and other various accessories). At the same time in choosing bright colors, prefer "clean" - yellow, but not lemon, red, but not crimson, orange, but not carrot. The secret of bright accents is not to overdo it. Excess of bright spots will look tasteless.

The color of the floor, suitable for light colors - alsoLight, and monophonic. It's better if it's a parquet or a parquet board. When choosing furniture, give preference to a light tree. Add spaciousness to the home can glass tables, built-in wardrobes, shelves, low chests of drawers, crystal decorations. Do not use bulky furniture. To make the space seem purer and lighter, free the window sills so that light penetrates into the apartment without any obstacles. Plants with lush foliage should be lowered to the floor.

Quite fashionable now is the mixture of simplicityAnd restraint with bright details: for example, on a background of monochrome white walls, arrange bright furniture or vice versa, put bright pillows on the sofa under the color of curtains.

By the way, about curtains. In a spacious room there can not be heavy night curtains with lambrequins. Let the window be dressed in a minimum of textiles. Winter curtains for a bright room are better to choose yellow or orange. Cheerful, light curtains will hide the bad weather outside the window and add mood. You can combine the coloring of curtains with various accessories, as already mentioned earlier. Summer curtains should be lightweight and weightless.

Do not forget about the main substitute for the sun - gold. Gold trim and golden tones will add a room of warmth and sophistication. To enlighten the room with a golden glow, you can experiment with decorations. Jewelry for the interior is not uncommon, they are sold in specialized stores. Apply the imagination, and create an ornament for the interior of your room yourself - under the glass frame, put a few shiny ornaments "for gold," highlight this picture with a lamp, and the exclusive roomy "sun" is ready!

A small but important note: Fantasize with bright spots, golden ornaments and other accessories is better in the living room. If you are engaged in clarification and expansion of the bedroom space, the main thing here is to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

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