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The bedroom in the Roman-Chinese style is the last peep of fashion


In fact, everything did not look so bad: A huge square bed under the canopy. The stucco lintels, the TV perfectly fitted on the ledge of the wall, the soft carpet, the lamp disguised under the beam ... No extra furniture and the perfect combination of colors: a bright white ceiling, a bright white bed, a black square of a TV set, and everything else is purple. Purple tones, a purple carpet, a purple canopy - all looked great and inspired romantic thoughts about the beautiful era of Imperial Rome ... the times of Caligula - a tyrant, debauchee and sadist.

Psychiatrists around the world warned: Avoid warm and bright colors first of all - red!) In the rest areas. Red - the color of high energy, it excites the nervous system, excites and prevents sleep. The thicker and darker the red, the more difficult it is to fall asleep and the sleep is more restless. And the general condition, believe me, will not be "sleeping." In the premises of this color, you want to either dance the night away, or lie down and die. But definitely with the red - do not fall asleep. These warnings are completely misunderstood by people who are used to using the bed not for sleep. For them I specifically specify: red excites the nervous system, and not the sexual one. For sex, purple is disastrous: it distracts, irritates, makes you nervous, destroys harmony. And anyway: the fantasy of making love in a blood-colored room comes to mind, except to a man with pronounced sadomasochistic inclinations.


Experts argue that sexualityPositively affects the blue color. Bright blue. And this is true: it gives women a feeling of peace and confidence, and in men it awakens passion. Only one caveat: blue generates sexuality, but destroys sensuality. Blue bedrooms are an ideal haven for adults, experienced and cynical, that is, for those who accept rough "naked sex" without long foreplay and gentle babbling. Teenagers are contraindicated. Romantic nature, not recognizing bodily pleasures without spiritual intimacy, can sometimes afford to sleep in such a room - for a change and a change in the situation; But it is not recommended to paint your own marital bedroom in blue, otherwise alienation and misunderstanding will grow in the family. By the way, just sleeping in a blue room is uncomfortable. There is a feeling of cold and emptiness, as if sleeping under the open sky. In the bedroom of a decent person, any shades of blue can only be present in the form of fragments: flowers on wallpaper, lampshade, bedspread ...


White we discussed already in the car on the way to myhotel. European association: white - the color of innocence and tenderness. In this regard, it is simply ideal for a matrimonial bedroom, for it creates a sense of harmony and mutual trust. Sleeping on white is also good: for 2000 years, mankind has become accustomed to white sheets. However, the Chinese philosophy of interior Feng Shui considers the white philosophy of illness and death as the white color of illness and death, says that children conceived in a white bedroom can not be healthy, and a person who sleeps in a white room, allegedly quickly loses vital energy ...

Therefore, white rooms are recommended for coloring. Best of all - green plants (by the way, green is the only color that is not claimed by either the Chinese or Europeans). Bright scenery, carpets, bedspreads, pictures with real, abstract and surreal landscapes will save the situation. One wall (north or east - the one near which the bed stands) can generally be covered with wallpaper - in Europe, the fashion returns to them. The choice of photo wallpapers must be taken very carefully: it is important that the landscape acts on you appeasingly, but did not bring sadness. The good thing is, the choice is just huge now. Turn fantasy - and go!


And completely safe, option - softPastel colors, immersing in the world caresses, languor and half-drowsiness. Not without reason, the words "pastel" and "bed" are so consonant. Men (who theoretically think pastel shades are not masculine and energetic) in reality they simply do not perceive. All the attention of a man caught in a pastel room is focused exclusively on the woman (if any) or in general, on anything (then he falls asleep very quickly). The woman, on the contrary, perceives pastel colors almost rationally, they wake her erotic fantasy and stimulate sexual activity. That is why in a tender pink, warm-sand or coral bedroom, a lady should not remain alone for long, otherwise she is in danger of being homesick.

... The remaining 2-3 days in Rome, we just walked or drank white wine in small taverns. "All right," he said, saying good-bye, "if I repaint the bedroom, I'll call you in Moscow."

He called yesterday and asked me how I feel about the yellow color. I've never been in a yellow bedroom in my life!

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