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Create an atmosphere of love in the house

Feng Shui is an ancient art with the help ofWhich is quite possible to create in the house an atmosphere of love, spending a very little time. The main thing is to believe in this and you will succeed! What is there in this ancient art that will help us in this? Of course, talismans. Feng Shui talismans will help you attract love to your home and to your life. Peonies - this is the main love symbol according to Feng Shui. You can place a picture with peonies in the hallway, this picture will fit well any interior. And if desired, you can fill a vase in the house, best in the bedroom, with these flowers. To create an atmosphere of love in the house, you can also place statuettes of dolphins, elephants, puppies, the main thing is that they are in pairs, as advised followers of feng shui. Since it is the twin sign, according to philosophers feng shui, is the most important symbol of love. If you are alone now and are in search of your half, then listen to the advice of philosophers feng shui and draw love into your home with the help of crystals. It is recommended to first clean the crystal in salt water. Purification of the crystal will take about a week. Do not ignore this peculiar ritual. And after that place the crystal somewhere in your bedroom, and preferably on the southeast side. And the result will not keep you waiting. In order to create an atmosphere of love in the house, it is necessary to arrange the furniture according to the feng shui. And of course, special attention should be paid to the bedroom. This room should not be littered. The bed is best placed in the right corner of the room. The bed should be necessarily two-ply so that it can be freely approached from both sides. It is not recommended to hang anything over the bed. And no sharp corners from the bedside tables or wardrobe should be aimed at your bed. Many philosophers feng shui assure that the atmosphere of love filled your entire home you need to hang a picture at the entrance to the apartment with the image of a couple in love. But you can also place such a picture in your bedroom. It would not be bad if such a picture you would have enjoyed against the bed, so that when you opened your eyes in the morning, you saw something beautiful. The picture can also be depicted and a pair of animals or a pair of birds. Such a picture will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

There is such a belief, which says,That if you want to meet a person who is destined for you by fate, it is necessary to make a list of bad and good qualities that should be inherent in your chosen one. It is necessary not to forget to concentrate your attention on the negative qualities of your future partner. Think about what you are willing to tolerate in your chosen one, and with what you hardly accept. Then you need to collapse the list and tie it with a red ribbon. Then put this package in the right corner in the bedroom. This angle is considered the angle of the marriage. The main thing is to make a list very carefully. You can not write it right away, but think for a while. The main thing is not to miss the most important moments, so that later your chosen one, whom you described, did not become a surprise for you. If you listen to the advice offered by the philosophers of feng shui, your house must be illuminated by light. In your house there will be an atmosphere of love, peace and, of course, happiness. Having created an atmosphere of love in the house, your life will be filled with harmony.

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