/ How to buy a tan at home?

How to buy a tan at home?

To solve this problem, there are severalOptions. For the most affluent ladies, you can solve the problem of buying a tan at home as follows. If you are a modern business woman and are almost at work all day and night, then for sure your income will allow you to purchase a tanning unit for personal use and install it in your apartment. The option, of course, with a relatively simple solution, but for most women and girls, it clearly does not fit into economic times.

Can I tan on the balcony

How to buy a beautiful tan in the homeConditions for those who have more modest incomes? If you live in a city apartment in which at least one of the windows looks sunny, then it will be relatively easy to get a tan from sun rays at home. To do this, in your spare time, open the window wide in the period when the maximum amount of sunlight will enter the room. The best option for buying a tan at home, as well as on any beach, will be the morning hours (about 11.00) or evening (after 18.00). Therefore, for sure to try to get a tan at home, you will be more comfortable on weekends (on weekdays during these hours you are likely to be engaged in professional activities, and maybe be in transport, returning home or hurrying to work). Opening the window, you must position your body in such a way that the skin gets the maximum amount of sunlight - in that case it will be easiest for you to purchase a more or less noticeable tan at home. Surely you will have to sunbathe while standing, although, depending on the time of day, the angle of the sun's rays, the location of windows in your apartment, you may well be able to take the position lying.

Often lovers of buying a beautiful tanAsk the question: Can I tan at home through glass? Do I have to open the windows wide for this if in the beginning of May the sun's rays are already shining with might and main, but in the street it's still quite cool and I do not want to let the heat out of the apartment walls? Well, I must disappoint all those who ask this question with this answer: the usual window glass does not let out the ultraviolet rays, which are responsible for the acquisition of sunburn. Therefore, at home, no matter how hard you try, you still can not get a tan with closed windows at all your desire. At best, you can warm yourself up a little in the sun in the sun, but your skin will remain the same white and unflinted.

If your apartment has a balcony, thisIt will also greatly simplify the purchase of a tan at home. Being on a sunny day on the balcony, you will have incomparably more options for placing your body to obtain the maximum amount of sunlight and, as a result, more conditions for acquiring a beautiful sunburn.

Thus, lovers of sunbathing do notBe sure to visit the solarium in the spring and summer or go out of town to the beach. At home, it is also quite possible to get the skin tone you need as a result of sunburn, basking in the rays of sunlight. However, do not try to sunbathe in this way in the cold season - the angle of sunlight in the fall and especially in winter is too small to purchase sunburn, and the wide open window in the apartment or a long stay on the balcony in one swimsuit will not lead to anything else like a cold .

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