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First time abroad, a short guide

Buying a tour
Finally, with the help of the touristAgency you still bought a tour. Employees of the travel agency book a tour and confirm your application, all this can be done, either a few minutes or a few hours. When your tour is booked, you pay money, then, having paid, you get your contract with the travel agency. In the case of a flight to a country where there is a visa-free entry, then you still have passports on hand. If for your holiday you have chosen a country that requires a visa, then to the employees of the travel agency you give your passports, as well as for obtaining a visa, the necessary documents: money to pay for a visa, photographs, references. It can also happen if you visit a country with a visa, you can not give a visa, and you have already booked a tour, then you need to pay for the "travel insurance", so that money, after not issuing a visa, is returned to you.

The contract specifies the necessary information about the trip, the length of stay, the number of people, food, hotel, country.

Tour operators at a time when you willIssue a contract, tell you from which airport you fly, what flight, and at what time. Documents for departure: insurance policies, air tickets, check-in vouchers, passports with visas will be waiting for you at the airport on the day of your departure. Some travel agencies offer to pick up documents from the office for a day or two before departure.

Of course, such a prospectDocuments two hours before departure, it is exciting, suddenly the employee does not come, there may be something wrong in the documents and so on. But do not worry. Thousands of times this procedure has been worked out, and here patches are unlikely. You need to arrive at the airport two and a half hours before the flight of your flight. Find your tour operator, this you should tell the travel agency, and tell where exactly, and in which terminal building representative of your tour operator will be.

Departure of the aircraft
On that date, you are at the airport, somewhereFor two and a half or three hours before your departure. Now your task is to find your tour operator. Do not worry if he is late. Finally you waited for it and received an envelope with documents. Well check the envelope: this envelope will have to be air tickets, usually one round trip ticket. In the air ticket, the places where you will be sitting in the cabin of the plane are usually not indicated, you will receive them when you are registered, there must also be a voucher for settling in the hotel, check the time of stay in the country, food, hotel and everything else that you may need , After the arrival to the country. If you have already given a passport, you must also get it and check for a visa. A visa is placed on an unoccupied page in the passport, a visa can also be placed in the middle of your passport.

The documents are on your hands, now you need to pass:
1. Customs control.
2. Register for the flight and hand over the luggage.
3. Pass passport control.

Do not forget that other passengers of your flight will also go through these procedures, even without knowing, you can become "in the tail" of the queue and perform the necessary actions. We will briefly describe these procedures

customs control
At the customs control it is found out, whether you carryProhibited items that can not be exported. You must declare in the customs declaration if you have a large amount of money, weapons, antiques and narcotic substances and so on. On the customs corridor there are two zones: the Green Corridor and the Red Corridor. The red corridor is intended for passengers who must declare items in the customs declaration for export. The green corridor is intended for passengers who do not have anything from the declarer. 99% of passengers have nothing to declare. And we calmly pass through the Green Corridor. Customs officers can selectively check and inspect the luggage of any passenger, keep in mind that this is quite rare.

Check-in and check-out
When you check-in for a flight you will exchange air tickets,And give out boarding passes, they will act as a pass, when entering the plane. During registration you can find out the seat in the cabin. But if you eat the whole company or family, then all the air tickets and passports, show all at once.

When you register, you leave yourself a carry-on baggage,And you hand over the luggage. If things are not enough for you, you can leave your things with you, as hand luggage. Or you can load your luggage into the cargo bay of the plane, and only then on arrival, get it at the airport. Baggage pack in a durable suitcase or bag, it is better not to put in a suitcase of hammering things, because they can crash when dropped, even from a small height. After loading and unloading of luggage is not very delicate matter. In many airports for an extra charge, you can pack the luggage, it is covered with layers of film, it will be durable, compact, ropes and pens will not stick out, and intruders will not be able to penetrate.

At the boarding pass that will be given to you,Written very important information for you, namely the exit number, in English "gate", you need it so that at the time of landing you could go to the exit that you need. Listen on the speakerphone, this information will be repeatedly conveyed.

Passport control
Before leaving the homeland, it will be necessaryPass passport control. For passport control, passengers come one by one and present a passport, at the request of the border guard, you need to show a boarding pass. On passport control you will be put on the mark that you have passed the state border.

These procedures take place at different airportsdifferently. You are in any case looking for your flight on the scoreboard, you will be told about it at the travel agency and will be called its number, also it is written in the air ticket. On the scoreboard, where you will see your flight, there will be a number of check-in desks nearby, where luggage will be checked in and registered. If you arrive early, then on the scoreboard you still will not see your flight.

When you find out the numbers, you go to their racks. You can go through customs control, or pass it after your registration. When passing customs control. If you came early, the racks will be empty, registration has not yet begun. But gradually, tourists will gather, the same passengers as you, and a queue for registration is formed.

Pass customs control for the tourist, it's probably some kind of convention, you almost do not notice it, either on the way to the counter you have already passed it, or will pass customs control after.

When you receive a boarding pass, you and yourHand baggage go to passport control. And having passed, it you officially leave the limits of Russia, and you get on neutral territory. At your disposal there is still time, and you will be able to walk around duty-free shops. After passport control all duty free shops, because they are already located not in Russia. Payment is made in euros and in dollars for goods. During the whole flight, you will also be offered duty free goods.

When the departure time is approaching, you needFollow to your output / gate. In the waiting room you will need to go through the metal detectors, as well as undergo an examination of personal luggage. In the waiting room, you will already be waiting for your announcement to land, and along with the passengers, you will board for landing, presenting to the airport staff if you need a passport and a boarding pass is required.

In the plane you will be offered drinks, lunch, as well as duty free goods.

Here you will go through all the procedures in reverse order.

Passport and customs control.
If you have a visa in your passport, you pass control. At the request of the border guards you must be ready to present a voucher for accommodation in the hotel and other documents.

If you arrive in Egypt or Turkey, thenyou must immediately buy a visa stamp. Prepare a pre-requisite amount in either dollars or euros, preferably without surrender. Buy a stamp, paste it on the blank page of your passport, fill out the immigration card, which in Latin letters enter the passport data, the hotel and the city where you will live.

Having prepared all the papers, the immigration card andpassport with a glued visa, you go to the passport control desk. There the border guard will give you a stamp, that you have entered the country, and pass the customs control zone.

You go to the baggage claim area, and there you wait untilluggage will be unloaded from the aircraft, you will see it on the conveyor belt. Take your luggage and when you leave the airport, you will be greeted by the employee of the host party. He will keep a sign on which your tour operator is written. The employee registers you, and shows you how to get to the shuttle bus that will take you to the hotel. While all the tourists will gather at the exit and before the bus leaves, it usually takes an hour, then you are delivered to the hotel.

Check in hotel
When transferring to the hotel, your tour guide in detailwill instruct tourists, give instructions and schedule a meeting at the hotel for tomorrow. The guide can be present at check-in, and can leave you with documents at the hotel reception desk. As a rule, employees know Russian and English. You give the reception employee a voucher for check-in and a passport, then after all formalities you are handed a card or a key to your number. Passport can take until tomorrow, and that's fine. In the bus, the guide should tell in detail about the hotel services and the order of settling.

Settled in the room, you yourself shouldfind a restaurant, master the territory of the hotel. An introductory meeting with the guide will be held, on which you will learn about the order of your departure from the hotel, as well as offer an excursion program, learn how the shops work, how you can call a doctor and so on.

Departure from the hotel
Each hotel has its own specific time,when on the day of your departure you must release your number. Pack your belongings, carry them yourself, or carry them to a special room, at the reception you give the keys to the room, if it is necessary to pay for the hotel's paid services, and the time that you have left before the return transfer, you will eat and use the services of the hotel.

At certain times, a transfer bus will come for you, which will take you to the airport, where you will pass again, all the formalities required and go home.

You have become acquainted with what your actions should be, when you are abroad for the first time, we hope that this short guide will help you feel more confident in yourself far away from the Motherland.

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