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Active rest of the day off

7 pairs of sneakers

Remember fairy tales: to achieve happiness, the hero had to go on a long journey and on the way to wear 7 pairs of boots. Long walks and today deliver a lot of fun, both small and adult, but hiking shoes have become much more convenient.

It remains only to choose the right route. For the first outing on the nature with the kids the best park in the vicinity of the city is best. Want to go on a long journey? Then you should start with the theoretical training: learn tips for travelers on specialized sites, talk with experienced tourists. Do not be confused by the presence of untrained family members - the main thing is to focus on their needs and opportunities. For children, such a journey will be a real adventure. We, adults, will have to provide everything: what to feed, what to play, what to treat if necessary, whom to call with you. Beginning tourists will feel more confident on vacation, if they go on the road as part of the tour group - they are organized by clubs and simply enterprising tourists. The optimal number of participants is about 10 people, of them 2-3 children, better than peers.

Velo business

What good is the bicycle? Everyone! Speedy and passable, fashionable and environmentally friendly, causing a sea of ​​delight in children. And on the nature, and in the city you can find dozens of beautiful routes. For riding during active rest of the day off, it is better to choose places more cleanly: resting like a real workout, increases the volume of inhaled air, and the lungs work 100%. Also, the metabolism and brain function are activated, the mood rises, and the risk of varicose veins and vegetovascular dystonia, on the contrary, decreases. Children develop a sense of balance and coordination. Information for slimming young ladies: only a couple of months bike walks on weekends, and you can safely buy new things 1-2 sizes smaller. A bicycle is an entertainment for any age and sex that has long been understood in Europe. Take an example with the energetic Italian old women rolling around Milan in a mantle. And the representatives of the stronger sex let inspire the slender, tightened Dutchmen: each of them has one bicycle or, if the Dutchman is two years old, on a small armchair fixed on the trunk or directly in front of the rudder.

By horses!

Have a rest in the saddle! On Monday you will than show off at work. Well, the children will begin to remember the walk on horses for at least a week. Pay attention, somewhere is set the limit of age: from 14 years (or from 7 - for walks on ponies), and somewhere, on the contrary, conduct individual lessons even with 3-year-old kids. So, we take carrots, apples or croutons for refreshments, dress appropriately (shoes with soles without strong corrugation: sometimes the rider has to quickly pull his foot out of the stirrup). And in the way!

Picnic? Easily!

The traditional time for picnics and recreationis considered May, although, summer - suitable for a fun pastime in nature and for active rest of the day off no less. However, with a good company of friends and with the right organization, any time can be considered suitable. And if the choice of friends advice is inappropriate, then a couple of simple and tested recommendations for a light picnic is worth sharing!

As the basis of any picnic and rest -shish kebab, the choice of meat should be taken seriously. The main criterion is freshness. Remember, pork will be softer, veal - not so fat, and a good substitute may well be a chicken or a turkey. Marinate meat is better the day before the picnic. What a good summer picnic is, it is the presence of a large number of fresh vegetables and greens - the best side dish to meat will not find. Alcoholic drinks, as a rule, everyone chooses, to taste. The main thing is not to mix and observe reasonable standards.

Whichever type of summer activity during the holiday you choose, observe the "golden" principles in order to get the maximum health effect from your studies

1. The optimal amount of training is 3-4 times a week. "Disposable" rather harms well-being than improves it. At two-time it is possible to maintain a level of health, but it is almost impossible to increase it. Increasing the number of trainings to 5 will not give additional health benefits, and only pros can do every day.

2. The minimum duration of the session is 30 minutes. For a shorter period of time, the body will not be able to get involved in regulatory systems, on which the increase of the functional capabilities of the organism depends. However, activity for more than 2 hours, for example a long, non-stop walk, leads to excessive fatigue. End the lesson in such a state that the next day I would like to study again.

3. Lessons during the week, distribute evenly - after training or playing (beach volleyball, badminton), the body is restored 1,5-2 days.

4. There is no such sporting activity, which would equally strengthen the heart, muscles, and immunity, that is, improve all physical conditions at once. Therefore, or choose something that will lead you to your goal (for example, lose weight or harden), or try different summer entertainment.

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