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Bedroom Interior Design

What's New?

The main distinguishing feature of the bedroom of the XXI century -this is her special layout. As in all other rooms, rational minimalism reigns here, which means a revision of storage systems. If before in the bedroom there was certainly a standard set of furniture (bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, dressing table with a mirror and ottoman), now only the bed remains a compulsory subject. Bedside tables are often replaced by small chests. In addition, in the modern bedroom, the emergence of completely new, unprecedented before (at least for us) inhabitants.

All inclusive!

Of course, if you have a very small bedroom,the interior design will be reduced to one main idea: how to place the attributes necessary for sleeping and storing clothes more compactly. On no other such a bedroom just physically can not claim. But if the dimensions of the room allow, it is quite good to make your bedroom a universal place for rest.

New bedroom infrastructure

Walk-in closet

This is either a room adjacent to the bedroom, or separated by a real septum "corner" with an entrance door, or just a snack behind a sliding partition wall in which you store seasonal clothes.

Cozy reading corner

If you like to retire with a book, the bestplaces, than a bedroom, for the organization of such corner to not find. For this, it is not at all necessary to load the bedroom with your entire home library: take under the books a small shelf, put a pair of armchairs with a floor lamp - and a cozy place is ready.


It is better to use it not too often, since the radiation from the screen is not particularly useful for health, and you are here all the same to sleep all night.

Fitness equipment

On them you can study at any convenient time, without disturbing anyone from home and not attracting everyone's attention.


To date, this is the most fashionable "trick" - to have a bathroom, not just adjacent to the bedroom, but in general included in the room.

Ecology of your sleep

Since the bedroom is a room in an apartment, inwhich we spend much more time than the rest of it, besides, we are mainly engaged in that we breathe in deeply the air of this room, we should give special thought to the finish and all the materials that we use.

Do not use:

♦ synthetic floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, carpet, etc.),

♦ furniture from chipboard, MDF and plastic,

♦ Vinyl wallpaper.


♦ natural parquet,

♦ paper wallpaper,

♦ water-dispersion paints,

♦ sisal and rattan,

♦ natural carpets,

♦ wooden furniture with upholstery made of natural fabrics or genuine leather.

In addition, in the bedroom it is desirable to think andsystem of forced air purification, the benefit of modern climate control systems allow you to fight not only with dust, but also with the harmful smog coming to us from the outside. To date, the most advanced and versatile device is considered to be the so-called split-systems - multifunctional air conditioners, which, in addition to the usual function (cold-heat-ventilation), simultaneously purify the air, and most importantly, moisturize it. Thanks to its dual device (one "box" is in your apartment, and the other, with a motor, outside the window), this air conditioner works almost silently. Apartment blocks are of different types: they can be placed on the floor, on walls, in a false ceiling. Also, many modern split-systems have such a useful function as self-regulation, save electricity, turn on and off remotely with a mobile phone, etc. The shortcomings of such systems can be attributed only to a high price (about 70 thousand rubles) and a rather complicated installation preferably at the repair stage). However, for those who can not yet afford a technical novelty, we advise you to manage the old tried and tested methods. Regularly ventilate the room before going to bed and place in the bedroom more green plants.

A little bit about furniture

Before loading the bedroom with variousfunctions (bedroom-library, bedroom-cinema, bedroom-bathroom, etc.), you should think about how it will accommodate the "three main whales", which holds any minimum of the interior: a bed, wardrobe and mirror.

Sleeping area

If the bedroom belongs to the couple, it is very important,so that this zone was, if possible, protected from prying eyes. Think about the location of your conjugal bed in such a way that the entrance door does not open a "picturesque" view of the bed, or get a properly located mobile partition. In addition, when choosing a place for a bed, you should take into account the psychological comfort of its location. Psychologists on the interior do not recommend placing the bed directly at the window, putting it in the middle of the room or sliding it into the corner.

If you are interested in the actual "sleeping"trends, today the most interesting and not yet overwritten options are a large round bed (suitable only for spacious rooms) and a podium bed (an indispensable solution for a small narrow room).

Storage systems

If you want to keep up with the times,try to abandon the furniture in your bedroom. In the end, the main task of furniture is to store your things, and not necessarily to be present indoors. In the interior design of the bedroom in the apartment there is no place for casual or "mandatory" subjects. If the room you have is large, safely partition it into a sleeping area and a dressing room: this is the most advanced version to date. If the issue of saving space is actual for you, let the roomy closet (or the whole media system) "hide" in one of the walls, completely occupying its area from floor to ceiling. A very convenient version of the storage - a ledge-shelf attached to the wall up to 1 m high, which can be used to gird the entire bedroom.


Today it is not necessary to have in the bedrooma classic dressing table with a mirror. Alya women using decorative cosmetics, it will be very convenient to have a mirror in the immediate vicinity of the window. Mirror for changing clothes (at full height) is convenient to have in the dressing room, in the door of the closet or on the wall next to it.

Befriend fashion with convenience!

Do not:

♦ use in the design of the bedroom more than three different colors;

♦ make re-planning by combining the bedroom with other rooms;

♦ paint or decorate the bedroom walls with shiny, glittering materials (they quickly get tired eyes);

♦ use in the bedroom open racks, shelves and other distractions from relaxing rest.

What is relevant:

♦ the overall color is light, and on this background bright color accents (pillows, blankets);

♦ wicker items and furniture (materials - vines, rattans and even skin strips);

♦ light forged headboards;

♦ simple styles of curtains (or blinds);

♦ white paper lamps in Japanese style - both table and floor;

♦ light small rugs with high pile;

♦ mats and other products made of natural fiber;

♦ a variety of floor pot plants.

Pay attention to: