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Modern trends in interior design


Palace of Madame Pompadour

Heavy curtains with "bells and whistles", canopy overBed, an abundance of silk and satin, a huge crystal chandelier and other signs of historical style ... - all this is much more appropriate in the theater than in the living space.

The castle of Scheherazade

When designers recommend usingOriental or Moroccan style, this does not mean that you need to hang the entire apartment with colorful carpets and silks: several forged items, one rug and a fragment of a wall with mottled tiles will create the necessary entourage.


Do not seriously engage in feng shui, as well as other Far Eastern things. Take from the Japanese house the best: translucent sliding partitions and decorative paper lanterns.


Probably, life is very sad for those who areForms an apartment in a style called pop art or Disneyland. If your apartment is decorated with glamorous posters of Hollywood stars, kitsch lamps in the form of Batman and Shrek, home fountains from artificial moss and plastic gnomes, this is a reason to sound the alarm ... So at least psychologists believe.

Color Chaos

Colorful, bright, beating in the eyes of the video series - oneOf the main requirements for a good television transmission. But you can not say about a residential apartment. Do not believe that bold tones will make your life brighter and more fun. You can arrange accents with the help of accessories: use the living fruit in the interior.

Receiving space expansion

It would seem that if the room is small or narrow, thenEverything is elementary: enter more mirrors in the interior - and it will expand ... Perhaps, for today it is the simplest and most popular way to feel like a real designer. However, psychologists are already tired of saying: in the mirror space it is harmful and tiring to live! And you can create the illusion of spaciousness in other ways: for example, using a picture on the floor (lay a parquet across or a tile along the diagonal), painting walls and ceiling or using different levels of ceiling and floor (suspended ceilings and podiums).

Interiors "for designers"

Some interiors after the intervention of the designer (not important, amateur or professional) look as if they were made not for life, but for a magazine picture ...


Sometimes clients of designers exclaim exclaim,seeing their new interior: "Well, it's not a room, but a hotel!" They do not know that for a professional this is a very dubious compliment. It is believed that a cold, too "licked" and "combed" space not only kills the home atmosphere, but also subconsciously presses on the psyche. Designer interior should not be a ready and completed work of art: you will live in this space and fill it with new details. In addition, it must necessarily reflect the individuality of the owners of the house, and not the designer himself.

In the style of "cafe"

The same trouble comes with the trendy todaystyle of "cafe". Carefully recreating the atmosphere in the kitchen catering (bar counter, the same cup, high swivel chairs), we forget that the cafe and so on anywhere from us "will not run away." But to lose your home and his spirit is much more offensive and sad.

"A very smart house"

This danger lies in wait for the fans of hi-techand various versions of the "Smart House". The abundance of technology can have an overwhelming and mechanistic effect on the subconscious: the metal entourage from wildlife is too far away. Modern trends dictate their rules - such interiors should be actively revitalized with the help of plants and objects in ecological style (wicker furniture and baskets).


A simple and concise interior with minimalthe amount of furniture and accessories is still considered an ideal basis for all other interior styles. The tendency to "open space", that is, the creation of a single room with a minimal number of walls and functional zoning with the help of other methods (screens, light mobile partitions, shelves, contrasts of color and texture, etc.) does not lose its positions. Of course, you should not get too carried away with this method: sometimes it's more important to consider the interests of privacy than to turn an apartment into a studio.



Especially relevant wood with a pronounced beautiful structure - dark wood.


This is one of the main modern materials, fromwhich is done by everyone (tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, partitions and even stairs). Very fashionable frosted glass, as well as glass, processed by sandblasting method.


It is very modern to combine materials with different texture: leather with textiles, wood with stone and plastic. Various mosaics and inlays are popular.

Minimum of furniture!

It is better if the furniture in the room is at a minimum, and it should be small and comfortable. Relevant open surfaces: racks, shelves and shelves.


Reduce the amount of furniture you can useFurniture transformers and models with several functions. In honor, folding and folding beds, sofas, equipped with tables, shelves and built-in lamps, etc.

Elimination of confusion: baskets and containers

It is fashionable in an open cabinet to keep on the shelves of smart boxes, plastic containers and baskets. Thanks to them, you can keep your things in order, and also protect them from ubiquitous dust.

Hand-Maid and low-tech

If the word "hand-maid" is on hearing (in translation fromEnglish - "man-made"), then the term "low-tech" is still rare. By analogy with hi-tech (that is, high-tech style) low-tech, on the contrary, means "low technology". This style implies that the owner does the interior with his own hands - unprofessional, but with a soul. This is a modern trend in interior design. Today in the fashion any self-made things: starting from the framework for photographs and clay pots and ending with author's furniture. Here is just a partial list of fashionable creative activities, the fruits of which can be decorated your interior:

♦ Composition of fresh and dried plants;

♦ a mosaic of sea shells and stones;

♦ author (and especially children's) drawings in good frames;

♦ enlarged and beautifully decorated photos,made by you or ordered from them prints (especially actual flowers in the whole wall and even creep from the ceiling to the wall and from one wall to another);

♦ objects of "household art": collages of small gizmos preserved in your family (antique buttons and pieces of fabrics, beads and toys, combs and hair curlers, unpaired earrings and torn bracelets);

♦ homemade chairs and stools, knitted carpets and cloaks on the sofas, quilts and curtains glued from colored paper containers.


♦ paint the walls of an already small room in a dark color, assuring that in fact it does not at all reduce the space;

♦ with one stroke of the designer's pen to free the room from furniture so that there is nowhere to put things;

♦ make a terribly expensive, covered with a special lacquer wood floor in the bathroom;

♦ arrange a canopy over the bed in a 10-meter bedroom;

♦ use wild combinations of colors under the pretext that it is original;

♦ hang in the bathroom or toilet waterproof paintings in the frames;

♦ wrap all books in the library in the same paper or pour all the tonic, lotion and gels in the bathroom into special glass bottles.


Photos and drawings

Especially in fashion black and white photographs in silver or gold metal frames. TOolonial exotics

Exotic gizmos and pieces of furniture (from China, India, Egypt or Africa).


In a small amount, they will create a family atmosphere in your room.

Plants as decor

Home plants have never gone out of fashion, but today their presence in the apartment in the form of a "living corner" is necessary.

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