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Summer time is not in vain given to us

It only seems that we appreciate the summerSchool years - for long-awaited long holidays and a persistent association with freedom. In fact, this love is innate, and it appeared ... 5 million years ago! Because our ancestors lived in Africa, where the temperature of the environment is close to body temperature. Moving farther from the equator, people adapted to the fact that the sun does not always shine. But the love for heat has remained: subconsciously it is perceived as the most suitable condition for life. We can love autumn for the aroma of autumn foliage and the opportunity to take a nap under a warm blanket, winter - for skiing and New Year, and in spring - for the ringing song of a drop. But only summer makes our heart beat harder: soon everything in our life will change for the better!

What will happen to us with this (and not only this) in the summer.

We will feel a surge of energy. In our climatic zone, when the cold time lasts two-thirds of the year, there is an understanding that the crown of the creation of nature is not at all human. This is a bear. After all, he is much more perfect than us. It became cold - just going to bed, not bothering, how to make unbearable conditions a little better. We are also overcome by sleepiness in the winter, and I want to reduce the number of cases and communication to a minimum. Sometimes it is so pronounced that it becomes like depression. In fact, we simply do not have enough natural sunlight. Our biological rhythms are directly related to the alternation of day and night, and during activity, daylight is simply necessary for us. In winter, when we have to wake up in the dark and continue our business after sunset, we feel broken. With increasing daylight, cheerfulness appears - due to the fact that under the influence of sunlight, the hormone melatonin, which regulates the process of sleep, is less produced.

We will become more stress-resistant. Any problems will seem to us easier, any troubles - surmountable. In summer, under the influence of the sun, the level of anxiety decreases due to the active development of vitamin D. It promotes the absorption of magnesium, the lack of which just worsens the work of the nervous system. Of course, in summer there are also occasions for excitement and worry. But it's worth looking out the window, walking along the street, and the summer "color therapy" will immediately cheer up. Green color will relieve tension and give a sense of stability. Blue will improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. A short look at yellow is enough to give the adult a feeling that is characteristic of children - an irrational delight, a desire to embrace the whole world. And red and pink in a small amount filled with optimism and energy. Now all this is a variety of colors and it is in the right proportions that we are constantly in front of our eyes and under our feet. And in the literal sense of the word.

We will become the goddess of flirting! In the summer we are more open to compliments, we prefer to get acquainted and flirt. Even convinced supporters of monogamy recognize: from June to August with these beliefs it is rather difficult to live. Around the tanned body, bright outfits and smiling faces! But it's not we who are to blame, it's all the "intrigues" of nature. The strongest offspring in natural conditions is that which is born closer to a warm season. Therefore, it is necessary to conceive it in the autumn. So, in the summer you need to quickly choose a partner! Under the influence of heat, special substances produced by the body are activated - pheromones, which make our attraction simply irresistible!

We will be ready for accomplishment. In the summer people have confidence in themselves. Anthropologists believe that we are at a genetic level afraid of cold and, conversely, feel protected when it comes to warmth. One way or another, but professional activity rises in summer in all countries with a pronounced change of seasons. This is confirmed by the "cloud effect" discovered by the researcher Edward Saunders of Massachusetts University. It consists in the fact that in cold weather and in cloudy weather, commercial activity decreases, on sunny days - it increases.

We will become cheerful and carefree. Under the influence of the sun increases the production of endorphins - hormones of pleasure. We begin to perceive reality more positively and to treat people around us more kindly. Therefore, in the summer we trust people more and become more sociable. We ... will grow wiser. Do not believe me? And in vain! It is proved that the sun improves mental and creative activity. This dependence is especially strong in people with a weak type of temperament. All winter they can remain in a state of creative stagnation, scaring the surrounding with their weary appearance. But alive with the first rays of the hot summer sun, in a month they will make up for everything that they slept through in the winter, and then before autumn they will flood the leadership with creative ideas.

And, finally, we will turn into beauties! We are used to the idea that the skin is aging from the sun's rays. But this is only if you behave on the beach like a grilled chicken. In fact, it is equally harmful not only the excess of the sun, but also its lack. Solar energy stimulates skin renewal processes, accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. The skin looks smoother, fresh and young. The mood rises, we smile around - and the whole world at our feet!

Despite the positive changes, to name the summerThe time of universal happiness is impossible. People who are experiencing mood disorders at this time of year are becoming more and more. You can repeat after the classic: "Oh, the summer is red, I would have loved you, if it had not been for dust and heat, mosquitoes and flies ..." However, every summer haters have their claims to the hot season.

But more often than not, the summer is "reproached" for the unfulfilledExpectations. We were going to lose weight, at last go to the morning jogs, go to the sea, but ... Laziness, there was no money, the work was piled up - and all our plans remained plans. Of course, it's insulting! But ... where is the summer?

Cautiously, summer exacerbation! Summer time is not for nothing given, but only psychologists say: if a person starts depression, then in May - June, it can become even sharper. The environment seems to be part of the dissonance with the state of man: "Around all blossoms, everyone walks happy, and I feel so bad.

Hence, the situation is hopeless.

Do not like summer and those who workConstantly communicate with a large number of people. Because in summer irritability intensifies, even quiet people can be prone to conflicts. Why? Heat is one of the serious factors of aggression.

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