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The best water filter

Tired of the monotony of brands, we have longWe notice around ourselves nothing new. Until now, I think that if it had not taken a convenient place in the coffee house that day, opposite the shop window of the Household Appliances store, it would never have met him. It was so, I finished my favorite latte and looked at the display case. Among the huge variety of household appliances was he - wonderful, fresh, stylish, so intelligent! The coffee was drunk, the bill was paid for, and I took a decisive step to the trading room to take a closer look at the stranger.

And now he is in my hands. Very very stylish! The name is Dewberry! Clear clear lines! And I'm actually ready to buy it. Well, let's just stand at home, pleases the eye, especially since the designer of this wonderful and the best water filter is Jozeph Forakis himself! Well, no, that's impossible! The filter, first of all, should be good in the case, otherwise - a penny to him! Yes, I am very demanding, but I deserve it! Before I send my old filter into retirement, I must be sure that Dewberry is better in all respects! Such is my character!

Having studied in detail the information which is kind to meGave the manager of the store, I realized that Dewberry excellently cleans water from harmful impurities. At all stages of its production, continuous quality control is debugged, and all Dewberry personnel work tirelessly to improve the product. The heart of the filter is its replaceable cartridge, because it performs the main function - it purifies the water of harmful impurities. Therefore, it is important that Dewberry cartridges are manufactured in Europe and from European components. Each Dewberry cartridge has a unique laser marking, which helps to more strictly control the quality and avoid fakes. I understand that in order to filter the water well, it is necessary to change the cartridge in a timely manner, so I will never buy a device without monitoring its resource. But I would like to replace the cartridge only after its resource has been exhausted, and no more often!

In Dewberry, the resource counter function performsMicroprocessor device CLM. It calculates the actual volume of water to be purified. You start the device in the starting position and start to use the filter, replacing the cartridge you produce only after the signal of this very CLM. Then at the cash desk I did not fully believe in such a miracle, but Dewberry was so good! I bought Dewberry and did not lose!

The English spirit is an inseparable link between quality,Functionality and true beauty, can be traced in everything: high-tech filling of the cartridge, easy operation, unique, concise design. Yes, Dewberry is really good even in the smallest detail! For example, in my old filter before filling it was necessary to remove it and attach it somewhere. Judge for yourself, in one hand we hold the filter in order to fill it with water, in the other - the lid, but you still need to open the crane somehow!
At Dewberry it is necessary to throw away the lidFilling hole. Even in the past filter, I was a little annoyed at the time of replacing the cartridge, and in Dewberry replacing the cartridge - no problem, do not disassemble the filter, just unscrew the used cartridge and install a new one! Now, when I have seen my Dewberry for a long time in business, I do not cease to rejoice in our meeting with him. Looks like Dewberry is amazing, like new, and this despite the fact that my I have it in the dishwasher. I never thought how ergonomic and convenient the filter handle could be. Small rubber stylish legs on the bottom of the filter make it stable on a smooth surface. Well, the miracle device CLM did not disappoint me!

Now I do not overpay for buying extraCartridges, and everything that I cook, it became even more delicious. What's the matter, ask me homework? I say that just from Dewberry, this water is delicious! And maybe Dewberry cheers me up, in the preparation of food, the mood is almost as important as pure tasty water! Cape Dewberry found each other. I hope this will last for a long time!

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