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Buy a small TV set in the kitchen

In general, no matter how many nutritionists are convinced,That food should not be confused with television, only a few listen to their advice, and the "box" in many families of the first settles in the kitchen. To buy a small TV set in the kitchen is not difficult, because the main thing is to know which one to choose.

Small, yes it's nice

No matter how much you like the big glossyScreens, pass them, because for the kitchen they do not fit at all - giant TVs should be viewed from a distance of not less than 2.5-3 m, otherwise the picture will be poorly perceived and the eyes will quickly become tired. For a standard dining room area of ​​u-15 sq. M. M you have enough technology with a diagonal of 15-20 inches, which is comfortable to contemplate from a distance of 1.5-2 m. Also remember how you usually watch a kitchen TV? Surely you are approaching him, then you are moving away. Cruising along the route "table - refrigerator - cooker - sink". By the way, for the same reason try to place the screen on a well rotating bracket and choose a technique with a large viewing angle - only in this case you will be able to see your favorite characters without distortion in any part of the kitchen. The sound quality and volume level are also important, because watching TV is often accompanied by the noise of the water flowing from the tap, a boiling kettle or a frying potato frying in a frying pan. If the kitchen does not have a collective cable, you need a device with a very good tuner sensitivity, because you have to use a room antenna.

Who is not afraid of fat and moisture?

Whatever unique qualitiesUltra-modern flat screens, still not equal to specialized kitchen appliances - in addition to high-definition televisions they are moisture and grease resistant, calmly tolerate heat and do not fog up from the steam coming from the saucepans. Initially waterproof technique was invented for baths, but gradually improved and migrated to the kitchen. It has large protected buttons for switching channels on the frame and a moisture-resistant panel that you can safely grab with wet and dirty hands. And in order to ensure that the screen is always clean (without grease and dirt), special equipment includes sprays and napkins. There is such a miracle about a thousand rubles and can have a variety of designs. The most interesting model is something like a laptop - one half of it is attached to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, and the second (screen) is opened and rotated to the right and left and from different angles. Such a TV can be watched and sitting at the table, and when washing dishes, and when shredding vegetables is not needed - just slam the "lid and the device" disappear "under the bottom of the locker. Moreover, in its base, attached to the furniture, there is all the necessary stuffing: DVD, CD and USB. This means that you can watch your favorite film on it, display a recipe for cooking the desired dish or arrange a slide show for guests with photos from the holiday.

Build me up!

Another interesting model of specializedKitchen TV - a screen built into furniture. This option can be assigned to the salon, in which you order a new set, or your beloved wife. Pay attention not only to the characteristics of the TV, but also to its design - the device should fit into the kitchen interior and be in harmony with other equipment. Now black and white models are sold, as well as metallic. In addition, if you wish, you can order for your equipment framing for the color of furniture (curtains, couch) or to purchase televisions with interchangeable frames of different shades (gray, yellow, blue). They are mounted on special magnets. Therefore, after some time with their help you can easily update the interior. To install the equipment it will be necessary to cut out the hole of the correct size in the door of the locker, insert the TV (it's super thin) in the niche done, attach the fasteners on the back side and connect them with four screws. The main thing is to choose the right and the most successful place so that the handle of the next door does not injure the screen when you open it and it was convenient for you to see it, because the TV in this case is stationary and does not spin after you in different directions.

Two techniques in one

When the place in the kitchen is small, and the TVPassion as you like, you can buy a refrigerator or hood with a built-in screen. True, high-tech equipment costs three times more expensive than a similar one without TV. Therefore, with great care, study the characteristics of the instruments and see that the built-in unit is not just an effective detail, but a high-grade high-quality TV. In addition, give preference to the technique of a well-known, proven brand, so that in the event of a TV failure you have a chance to replace it. By the way, when you buy a refrigerator with a TV special shocks, usually, it does not happen, but the hood after installation can bring unpleasant surprises. Therefore, be sure to imagine at what height the screen will be, then not to throw back his head, trying to make out his favorite movie heroes in it. Recently, another type of specialized kitchen TV appeared on the market - it is not only waterproof, but also wireless. The device consists of two separate units: an analog Wi-Fi tuner and a 15-inch LCD monitor. To the first one connects various sources (satellite and cable television, DVD, VCRs, computers). The uniqueness of the novelty is that thanks to wireless communication, you can install the tuner in the right place and, taking the monitor in your hands, freely move with it. When you wash the dishes, put the TV in front of you and do not be afraid that the spray will spoil it. Then you go to fry chicken wings, sit at the table to eat salad - and rearrange technique. Then you can go to the bathroom and continue watching your favorite movie.

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