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Design and interior of the living room

Living room is a place that unites andBinds around the rest of the room. This place is multifunctional. Here we gather with the whole family, receive guests, watch TV, sit over a cup of coffee. And in other words, in the living room there is a big part of the life of the owners of this living room.

Due to the fact that the living room isMultifunctional space, it is the most filled room in the house. All the important things, interesting elements of the decor want to be placed in the living room and that they stand in a prominent place. Here, and favorite painting in a wide frame, photos of travel, donated for the anniversary of the vase and so on.

What you want to see constantly, what you wantBoast - it is sought to arrange in the living room. Often, the living rooms are turned into a heap of different elements and a warehouse of things, while the external appearance of the living room is laconic in design. To prevent this from happening, you need to put together in the living room everything that you wanted to put on public display, you need to approach carefully the placement of elements inside the premises.

What is in the living room?
Functionality of the living room for each familyIs individual. Each family has something to always find its own, which should be located in such a room. In modern apartments, the main place in the living room is a home theater or TV.

This is the center of the room, here nearThe whole family gathers in the evening, they sing karaoke in a noisy company, they watch movies with friends. Now the modern world can not be imagined without technology, just as it is impossible to imagine a living room without it. Plain, plasma, small or large screens are the emotional, logical, aesthetic, visual center of the room.

In addition to the TV, there is a certain amountThings that are not inferior to this element of the room in importance, is the fireplace. Despite the fact that modern apartments are not adapted to this thing, the fireplaces become very popular.

Gas and electric fireplaces giveRefinement, charm, special warmth and some feeling of comfort to any interior in your apartment. A modern design will embody the classic style in the rooms of different styles.

The aquarium is also the subject of design andIs considered popular. He brings to the apartment a piece of nature, which the city lacks so much, helps to relax after a day's work, pacifies. And in any apartment is a bright spot. An aquarium with different exotic fish will be an original decoration, and it does not need to be hidden in the bedroom. I want to place in a prominent place, so that I can admire it often.

It is difficult to list the elements that serveCenter of gravity of views. It can be any design items, such as curly coasters, original sculptures, paintings in expensive frames and much more. Just mix in your living room all this is not worth it. Things then merge into a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, and will interfere with the perception of each element individually.

How to arrange?
When you create a living room layout, you needDetermine what you want to place in it. Among the items you need to prioritize and one thing you need to choose, which would be the center of the room, and would be the main element from which the impression of the room would evolve. This item should be placed so that a person who would fall into the living room before looking at him would immediately have a look at him. Its location is necessary and can be emphasized by the background.

This technique will add around the main point of the living roomLittle space. This can be a system of shelves, a specially made niche, texture and color of the wall. All that can concentrate on the location of such an element, which is the center of the room.

All remaining interior items should beRank by priority. And make it so that with each other, they do not intersect. Each element will be a kind of center of the part of the room that you tried to take away. Minor objects can be emphasized by the background, but not so conspicuous and less vivid than the main background.

It must be remembered that there must be around the elementA certain amount of air, space, and background. The attention of a person should be concentrated on the chosen element, and not on changing the invoices and colors of your living room.

Points that are visual centers are located in different parts of the living room in such a way that they do not intersect with each other. Otherwise, they will interfere with perceiving each other.

The mistake is if you have such elementsOne above the other or nearby. Often this is due to the desire to fit into it all and a small total area of ​​the apartment. By disposing, thus, these elements, you deny the possibility to perceive elements as something valuable and to use them simultaneously.

For example, if you place a fireplace underneathTV, you really can not use the fireplace or TV. If you turn them on at the same time, when you watch a TV you will be constantly distracted by the fire in the fireplace, but if you want to admire the fire, you will have a desire, at least fleetingly to watch TV. The same can be said about such combinations as a fireplace, standing near a large in human growth sculpture, a television set standing to the back with the aquarium.

And it is better to distribute these elements in different waysWalls and each element will carry the function that it needs to carry. Then the view will not be torn. It will be enough for you to choose what you want - to watch the inhabitants of the aquarium or watch TV. You do not have to interfere if the interests of family members do not coincide. One will want to sit by the fireplace, another will want to see the news.

Photos and shelves
In addition to the central elements in the living room,There are also a number of small and important things to attend. These are porcelain sets, frames with photos, bookshelves and so on. And also much, something that corresponds to the habits and tastes of each family.

With shallow filling, these little things are goodBackground for your center, but you do not have to go too far with these trifles. If you arrange a lot of small things around, then their motley they can kill a functional and more valuable element. If you have a habit of pleasant little things flaunting, then give them a separate place.

In the living room furniture must be placed, tiedTo visual centers, but you need to be guided by banal logic. By the fireplace it is possible to put chairs with foot puffs so that they are sufficiently close to the fire. The sofa that stands opposite the TV, it is better to move away, proceeding from the diagonal of the screen.

Between the sofa and TV, the dining table will beStrange to look. If you attach a table to the outdoor fireplace, it will simply block the fireplace. When you arranged the furniture, the look, it was convenient to use all the elements of the interior, to the passages and the distance to the objects were comfortable. When arranging furniture, you need to simultaneously fill the living room with different elements of functionality and design.

Now we know about the design and interior of the living roomRoom. For each family is very individual, what to combine with. All things for interior comfort and comfort should be so arranged in the living room that everything should be in place and do not interfere with perceiving and using separate elements. But in general, it should look laconic and finished space.

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