/ Which brand to choose a juicer?

Which brand to choose a juicer?

Orange paradise

Citrus juice can be squeezed manually, but betterUse a citrus press: a simple mechanical, and more often, an electric appliance, with a single function - squeezing juice from oranges, lemons and grapefruits. The simplest models - jugs, for example Vitek VT-1612, Braun Chromatic, Tefal PrepLine, are equipped with a measuring capacity, which receives juice, and are designed to prepare small portions. They are fully disassembled / assembled and, conveniently, allow the pitcher to be used separately. More sophisticated devices look like centrifugal juicers, with the only difference being that the main elements are a cone and lattice filters for citrus fruits. The main feature of such models as VEKO VKK 1302 and Philips HR2752 is the direct output of juice into the glass and the presence of the "drop-stop" function: if you raise the spout upwards, the drops will not fall on the table. Endurance champions are citrus presses with a lever-lever, for example Bork Z800, Krups Citrus Expert. They in a matter of seconds squeeze out of the fruit all the juices and can work without interruption. To assess the efficiency and convenience of the citrus press, check the main technical indicator - power (advanced models have stepped beyond 100 W), as well as the automatic launch when the fruit is pressed on the cone and the rotation function of the nozzle in both directions for maximum juice extraction.

Classics or combi?

If not limited to citrus - will not replaceCentrifugal juicer: the classic unit is useful for processing any fruit and vegetables with rare exceptions. The choice of models in this category is wide. Among the famous brands of attention is the Braun technique. Bosch, Moulinex, Vitek, Zelmer, etc. Since the principle of operation of juicers, in general, the same, the difference is to look for as a spin and capacity. The only constructive difference is in the form of a filter. Models with a cylindrical one are smaller, the cake is more dry, however, the filter has to be cleaned more often. Typically, the classic units are made of plastic and only the filter mesh - made of stainless steel, has a power of 500 watts, a liter cake tank and a glass for juice in a volume of 0.5-1 liters. It is desirable that there were 2 rotational speeds of the filter: high - for solid fruits, such as carrots and apples; Low - for soft fruits and vegetables, for example tomatoes. The best models are quickly assembled, reliably fixed, automatically shut off when overheating. Minus classics - the need to carefully prepare the fruit (peel and pits, cut into slices). In addition, such units are not able to process berries, as well as fruits and vegetables with a high content of pectin. Finally, they can not work for a long time, they have to take breaks to let them cool down. However, for the preparation of 3-4 glasses of freshly squeezed juice for breakfast, the traditional model will suffice. And if you want something original - take a look at the combination juicers. Often they combine the functions of centrifugal models and citrus presses, comparable to them for price and performance.

Squeezers and squeezers

Among the centrifugal juicers stand outUniversal super-power units, adapted for squeezing juice from any vegetables, fruits, berries and citrus practically in unlimited quantities. New models, for example Vogk and Kenwood, are made entirely of stainless steel and differ not only in impressive power (from 1200 W). Generals are intended mainly for long-term continuous use. They are equipped with fine-mesh filters and allow to make juice of any quality - clean and transparent or thick, with a delicate pulp. The most powerful devices use advanced technologies, for example, soft start and forced engine cooling system, and multistage safety systems are certainly present.

■ The juice quality will be higher if before pressingBones and seeds, fruits with thick skin (kiwi, beets, etc.) should be removed from fruit and vegetables, and leaves - cabbage, spinach and greens - should be tightly rolled.

■ To prepare the vegetables, do not darken, and the juice retains a natural color, peeled the fruits for 5 minutes in slightly salted water, adding a few drops of citric acid.

■ If you can not drink all the juice at once, put it in the refrigerator in a glass container with a lid, but not in a metal container.

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