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Meditation on the creation of spiritual harmony

How long does it take to forget about the harshReaction of the boss to a delay or sweet dreams of a Greek beach and start working? Usually, one to three cups of coffee and a few hours of emotional throwing are required for concentration. It all depends on how much we are excited, tired, upset. But you can concentrate more quickly if you sit down in a pose for meditation. A total of 20 minutes of practice improves brain function as well as three cups of espresso, a study by the University of North Carolina (USA) has proved. The powerful influx of oxygen allows us to think faster, but at the same time relieves headaches and insomnia. The first meditation vipashyanu, in translation "vision as is", taught Siddhartha Gautama two and a half thousand years ago. During this time, residents of different countries were convinced of its effectiveness. Vipashyan is unique in that it can be practiced in any position - sitting, standing, while walking. Six months later, the first changes are visible. They are best seen from the outside - a person becomes calmer, shows an active interest in the world around him, because he discovers how inconsistent his own problems are.

Begin to practice vipashyanu simply. You just need to find a comfortable pillow and 5 minutes a day.

So, the exercises. The crown looks at the ceiling, the look rests before you in space, the eyes are half open. The legs are crossed, the hands are kneeling or folded about 15 centimeters below the navel (the right palm rests on the left, the thumbs are connected). Take a deep breath and squeeze your shoulders as you breathe out. Now you feel stretched like an arrow and at the same time deeply relaxed inside. Breathe naturally without effort. Consider breaths-exhalations -21 or 108 times depending on how much is required to calm down. Thoughts are like a river, you are sitting on the shore, and you look at the flow of water in it. When a thought arises, you do not cling to it and do not rush to think it out, but just watch. At the same time, you do not evaluate them and do not divide them into good and bad. If you notice that there are no thoughts, try to see the one who thinks so. Stay in the meditation pose while it gives pleasure, a few more minutes. When you feel unpleasant sensations in the body, focus on the place where the pain comes from. Do not rate it. From time to time, straighten your back, stretching out your shoulders when exhaling. If you start to sleep, raise your eyes up for a few seconds. And if you are too excited, look down for a while. The meaning of vipashyana is presence in the present moment. This is a very simple, convenient condition. The meditator does not fall into a trance and does not experience another esoteric experience. It is very important to remember this for beginners.

Meditation is really interesting, because yourThe body not only relaxes and acquires spiritual harmony, but also generates a new energy full of feelings and relaxation. You can meditate both at home and in a specialized club for meditation lessons, but, unfortunately, these clubs are not in every city and even in the country. Meditate on health, for the benefit of yourself and your body, and you will always be in high spirits and feel at ease and at ease. Meditation, on top of everything else, strengthens the spirit and the person feels self-sufficient. To conduct meditation on the creation of spiritual harmony can be at home, and even with family members.

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