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Which foods contain aphrodisiacs?

"Nephrodisiacs" also contain these substances, but inAphrodisiacs more. That's why preference was always given to the latter. In general, it is worth considering in more detail what products can help restore sexual desire, strengthen potency and endurance in sex, and which should not be placed on hope or better at all excluded from the diet. What foods contain aphrodisiacs and how do they affect sexual desire?

Breakfast in bed

Remember, as a child, my mother forced you to eatPorridge? For example, sklizskuyu gray oatmeal ... You still remember these breakfasts with a shudder and for sure, after growing up, they refused to accept cereals. But in vain. As scientists from the dietary center in Philadelphia have found out, that same oatmeal from which almost all children cry, for adults it is not less, but even more useful. All because she is able to regulate sexual attraction, and men also have spermatogenesis, increasing testosterone levels in the blood. The goal of a proper diet is always the stabilization of the hormonal balance and the support of a good level of testosterone, which meets both in men and women for sexual desire. Therefore, necessarily enter in the morning ration oatmeal porridge or at least oat flakes. Porridge can be seasoned with linseed oil, which has the same effect. And in the flakes add raisins, dates and chopped bananas. All of the above fruits increase sexual attraction, and dates - the sweetest fruit on Earth - also increase sexual stamina due to the large content of fructose, glucose and carbohydrates in its composition.

Love under sauce

The quality of any dish depends on the sauce. Therefore, treat it with proper care. Prepare spicy and spicy sauces with dill, fennel or anise, which are considered strong aphrodisiacs. In sweet pastry, add cinnamon or ginger (they can raise the tone of the uterus), and to the meat - cardamom, long considered a love seasoning. However, with spices should be more careful. Excess of spices does not just interrupt and spoil the taste of the dish, but also disrupts metabolism and gastric acidity.

Lunch on the table

Give preference to seafood. For example, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that regulate the production of testosterone in women and increase sexual desire, and tuna contains selenium, which increases spermatogenesis in men. But the most powerful aphrodisiac among seafood in the Middle Ages were oysters. After research, Italian scientists confirmed the dependence of sexual desire on the "oyster diet." Iron, contained in them, promotes the transfer of oxygen through the vessels, and zinc is the main element that stimulates metabolism and increases the content of testosterone. It is believed that Casanova was so loving precisely because he ate breakfast for 5-6 raw oysters. But they do not necessarily have to be raw. Oysters will not lose their effect if, for example, you bake them in the oven with cheese. Even after that they will retain all their useful properties.

Sweet dessert

Of course, after a delicious lunch or dinner is not worth itForget about dessert. And among the sweet aphrodisiacs, there can be nothing better than honey and chocolate. The latter is not only able to improve mood and improve the tone of the body. Chocolate contributes to the production of dopamine - a neurotransmitter that allows a woman to experience a stronger sexual attraction. Increase sexual desire honey can thanks to the high content of boron, which plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, a number of vitamins and hormones and affects the activity of certain enzymes. Elimination of boron deficiency improves mood. There is a sexual desire. The same oysters, as well as any other seafood, fish and algae should be introduced into the diet in order to avoid the lack of hormones of the thyroid gland. That is, iodine, which also responds to the libido.

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