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Home interior items with your own hands

Pomper and Pug

Each of us has nice and beautiful things in the house.good, but typical. However, it is worth bringing in their appearance small strokes, and they in an instant will turn into an exclusive. Take, for example, sofa cushions. The easiest way is to tighten them with pillowcases sewn from two squares. Great, if the coloring of the pillowcases will be combined with a fabric curtain or veil (or, conversely, will make them a bright contrast). But you can come up with something else.

• Sew on pillowcaseslarge bright buttons. You can scatter, but you can make up some buttons from an ornament. Those who have time and patience in abundance, can even "sculpt" the button panel.

• The same buttons can decorate and curtains, hem covered, napkin on a coffee table.

• If there are no suitable buttons in the house, but new onesyou do not want to spend money, look for leftovers of woolen threads or a mulina and make of them pretty pompons or brushes. They are perfect for decorating the entire textile interior of the apartment and make it more expressive and lively.

• In the end, look for small scraps,combined in color with sofa cushions and bedspreads, transform them into bows and sew. By the way, bows can also be "quilted", for example, cushions on the seats of chairs and stools, if sewn them (by grabbing the pillow through and through) at an equal distance from each other.

• Another option is to cut out pieces of ornament you like from the fabric and sew them with a decorative seam on the same cushions.

• Very elegant look pillow cases, "composed" in the technique of "patch-wolf" (and, more simply, from shreds), as well as pillowcases tied with a crochet.

• If you are "friends" with a sewing machine, younothing is worth making nice cushions of unusual shapes. It can be triangles, hearts, and asterisks - any objects that fantasy tells you. Look great cushion muzzle. Eyes-spout-mouth and other features can be depicted from the same buttons and pompons.

• Or sew a striped rug, and from it -"Pipe". Then along the edges, stitch the kuliska and tighten the cords and stuff inside unnecessary cloths. Get striped sausage. One of the ends of this sausage can sew a pretty face. And now you have a nice cat on your couch, where you can relax and read a book.

• And if you decorate home textiles with embroidery from sequins and beads, your house will turn into a real palace!


Excellent you can perform the transformation of objectshome interior with their own hands using ordinary mesh fabric (for example, flax with a large weave). It can be decorated with everything that your imagination tells: from buttons to rhinestones.

• Are you tired of a lampshade lampshade? Do not rush to buy a new one! Better tighten the old such decorative mesh.

• In order to "make up a company" shade,you can wrap the same grid binding of your favorite book, permanently settled on your bedside table, vases, if they have a simple enough - a cone or oval - shape. If you sew such a grid in the form of a parallelepiped without one or two end pieces and insert the wire at the seams, you will get charming curtains, in which you can put both ikebana with a candle, and boxes with all sorts of trifles. In a word, anything. Yes, and the central chandelier can sometimes be made with your own hands from a wire frame, covered with an adorned mesh.


If the manufacture of textile "highlights" you are nottoo enthralling, try to blossom your interior differently. Surely you have in your house ceramic or glass vases, flower pots, ashtrays, which have already ceased to please the eye. So let's paint them again!

• For items that are not too commoncome into contact with moisture, the usual water-based paint is quite suitable. In order to have the right shade, you can use the help of specialists (in many stores of building materials at the request of the customer are the right color) or do it yourself. Gouache is perfectly mixed with water emulsion. Just need to immediately mix as much paint as you need for the restoration of all conceived things. Otherwise, the second time you can not get the exact same shade.

• The same items that are clearly necessary oftenwash, it is better to cover with a more stable composition. If you look carefully, you can find a ready-made fixer for sale, which is added to the same water-based paint and makes it resistant to water. But if you do not want to run around the shops, cover the already painted surface with a colorless varnish - furniture or at the worst for nails. Or use oil paint - it does not wash off.

• Uniform interior home furnishings are notlike? Then it is worth considering the patterns. In order to draw several times the same ornament, a certain skill is required. But you can do it and it's easier. Draw on paper or translate through a carbon copy some pretty image, and then convert it into a stencil. First, the contours of the future stencil are transferred to thick paper, or even better, to dense polyethylene or thin plastic, and then cut. Let's say you like butterflies. Apply the stencil in turn to those items that need to be transformed, and apply a paint using a foam rubber sponge. Be very careful, taking the stencil from the flower pot or vase to avoid blurring the image.


Another interesting way to transform your interior is to learn how to make ceramic panels. Just do not get scared! We do not offer anything complicated.

• The first option is easier to perform, butrequiring some financial investment. In building stores, you can find miniature ceramic tiles - squares with a side of 2-3 cm. "Planting" them on the glue ("Moment" or PVA), you can decorate anything you like. Furniture doors, frames for photos, flower pots, vases, all kinds of stands and even walls in the bathroom will be transformed. However, the tiles can be stacked on cement, making up of them whole panels with a variety of subjects.

• But if the above option is not to your liking,act easier. Do not throw broken dishes! Already completely ruined or cracked ceramic and porcelain things break the hammer into smaller pieces and put a panel of them. It will not be any worse than from the finished material. And if you call on to help fantasy, can go even much more original. After all, handles from cups, spouts from teapots, handles from lids (sugar bowl or teapot) in your panel will look very impressive.


It is very interesting to have fun with the framework forphotos or children's drawings. After all, a smooth wooden frame or a one-color frame is boring. If you have not painted them in a new color or decorated with tiles, try other options.

• Take the frame, fill it with a thin layer of good glue, and glue the cute band on top.

• As a braid can serve and sequins sewn to one thread.

• Very original look pasted in the form of an ornament of sparkles, beads and rhinestones. And you can use small cockleshells.


The best are the whole compositions from suchman-made trifles. Here, let's say, a sitting area in the living room. There is a sofa with various decorative pillows. And next to it - a coffee table, on which there are pretty vases, Ikebana, photo within the framework - directly, a picture from a fashionable interior magazine!

By the way, if you are convinced that your hands are growing"Not from that place" (although this does not happen!), Try simply to take a transparent glass vessel. To its bottom glue a candle, around lay out pebbles, glass balls, seashells. You can complement the composition with starfishes, dyed feathers, beautiful twigs. And you will get a real masterpiece. You will see, after that you will have a mood to create something more grandiose.

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