/ How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home?

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home?


▼ Those who have a small dwelling, do not have pocketstoo swollen from the money, and households do not hang around carpets in street shoes, most likely, you should choose the most common vacuum cleaner - for dry cleaning. In addition to sex, it will help you to fix upholstered furniture, and in some cases even clothes.

▼ Owners of the present chorus, allergic, notwishing to refuse soft and fluffy carpet-velor coatings, as well as supporters of a particularly careful approach to cleaning the house may well think about buying a washing vacuum cleaner.

Of course, the vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning canalso produce wet cleaning of carpets and carpets, as well as any surfaces finished with ceramic tiles, natural or artificial stone. With its help you can clean and even deodorize the plumbing, wash the glass. He will help out if you have a leak and the floor is literally flooded with water if the sink is clogged. Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning are often able to deodorize the air in the room. The principle of their operation is extremely simple: the internal cavity of the vacuum cleaner is divided into two chambers. In the first - water with detergent composition, which under pressure is fed to the surface to be cleaned. The second chamber returns already used liquid, which then merges into the sewage system. Detergent vacuum cleaners differ in the water supply system (vertical and horizontal principle).

BUT! Remember that such an aggregate requiresadditional costs, for example, on detergents. It can not be used for wet cleaning of parquet and laminate, as well as other varnished surfaces. Carpets on natural jute, as well as carpets on foamed basis, can not tolerate moisture, and therefore clean them preferably dry, so as not to deteriorate. A vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning houses consumes much more energy than its "dry" fellow. The carpet should dry after about an hour of cleaning.

▼ Those who are used to supporting the Russianproducer, I want to warn: among domestic vacuum cleaners is still quite high percentage of marriage. In addition, they tend to have less power than imported ones, but they work much louder. However, if you prefer using a vacuum cleaner not so much to do the cleaning, how much to bleach the ceilings, you need to buy our model. In foreign technology this function is not provided. The air blowing system functions somewhat differently there.


Since the vacuum cleaner is not only an assistant foreconomy, but also the subject on which the view occasionally falls, its external data is not the last thing. By the color of restrictions now almost never happens, except in a separate store. However, it happens that the original "coloring" looks too defiant in the atmosphere of the house or soon starts to cause a feeling of discomfort.

The forms of vacuum cleaners are also different. There are models that are difficult to distinguish from intricate lunar rovers. However, before choosing any of them, do not forget to clarify with the sellers how convenient they are in everyday life. As the refined form can negatively affect the maneuverability of the unit.

By the way, because vacuum cleanersmuch more often than other household appliances, they face furniture and other interior items, some firms began to produce models equipped with a soft base around the edges, protecting against the appearance of dents and scratches. And this is very correct and useful.

Sometimes, regardless of technical characteristics,vacuum cleaners may vary in size. Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning are uniquely large. But, say, their brethren for dry cleaning can be compact, if, of course, they are not equipped with special compartments for storing additional attachments. Here you have to decide for yourself what is easier: to look for where you have put additional nozzles that are not required very often, or to carry the entire "tank" constantly behind you in full combat readiness?


The fact that manufacturers of vacuum cleaners are trying toas much as possible to facilitate its products, and therefore all possible parts of the hull are made of plastic, it is understandable. And there's nothing to be done. It is necessary to observe the safety rules and try not to drop hammers and other heavy objects on the vacuum cleaner.

▼ However, it is very important what the handle is, for whichThe vacuum cleaner is transferred from place to place. Plastic and manufactured as a separate component, screwed to the body, is the least attractive option, as it can fall off at any moment (the motor is not plastic!). The best option is a monolithic handle.

▼ Another integral part of the vacuum cleaner, whichit is necessary to check for durability - the hose. Hoses are plastic and rubber. It is not difficult to guess that rubber is much more durable, because this material is more gutta-percha. However, if the hose can rotate in the "nest" around its axis, then the plastic with a careful handling (if, for example, it does not attack) will last a long time.


The general principle here is this: the higher the power, the faster and better the cleaner copes with pollution. However, there are some nuances here.

▼ For example, if you clean a small carpet with a very powerful machine, it will simply stick to the brush, which is extremely inconvenient. Therefore, the ideal option - a vacuum cleaner, which has a power regulator.

▼ The power control can be locateddirectly on the body, on the handle of the vacuum cleaner (which is somewhat more convenient). The third option is two regulators - and here and there. The last option, perhaps, is the most practical.

▼ Keep in mind that imported models are usually somewhat more powerful than ours. Thus, the lower limit of the capacity of foreign vacuum cleaners is 1,000 watts, and the domestic one is 600 watts.

▼ Another nuance is that the powerThe vacuum cleaner and suction power are not always the same. Here everything depends on some technological subtleties of the design, in particular, on the number of filters. In any case, try as much as possible to ask the seller about the qualities of the model you like.


Some people for some reason persistently call dust collectors filters. And completely in vain. Dust collectors - this is the bags into which falls collected from the floorand other surfaces of dust and dirt. They come in two types - fabric and paper. Tissues are permanent. As soon as they are filled, all contents are shaken out in the trash can, and the dust collector is again installed in the "belly" of the vacuum cleaner. They can be washed, including in a washing machine. True, through the tissue a certain amount of dust penetrates back.

Paper dustbins are considered lesspermeable, but they are disposable. By filling them out once and for all. The disadvantage of this type of dust collector is that, firstly, they are not too cheap. And, secondly, each model of the vacuum cleaner has its own parameters, so dust collectors for other models may not approach your vacuum cleaner, and yours may simply not be at the moment in the store.

Filters they also call different protective barriers,preventing the return of collected dust from the vacuum cleaner back to the house. Depending on the model, they can be from 2 to 7. It is clear that the more filters there are, the better the cleaning will be.


Among the modern vacuum cleaners, you should pay attention to one more thing.

▼ It is very practical if your machine is equipped with an automatic cord rewind system.

▼ For some housewives, it is important that there is a crevice among the additional attachments, which makes it possible to collect dust from the most inaccessible corners. And it does not happen in all models.

▼ It is very fashionable to buy recentlyvacuum cleaners equipped with a turbo brush. This is correct, since this device with a vibrator allows not only to collect surface dust from upholstered furniture and bedding, but also to punch it from the inside.

▼ Angle attachments, which are just asking to come home from TV screens, are effective only for large dust.

▼ If you buy a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning, make sure that it is equipped with a vacuum nozzle. It will allow you to collect the maximum amount of moisture from the surface to be cleaned.


Well and those who, having correctly chosen a vacuum cleaner in the house, alreadyexperienced all its advantages; who has found out what an ordinary and washing vacuum cleaner is and now craves for something unusual, can also find a "toy" to his liking.

▼ For example, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner fordestruction of domestic insects. Mosquitoes, hanging in the summer on the ceiling, or annoying cockroaches easily and quickly sucked into this miracle of technology and are killed there by the streams of hot air.

▼ There is also a very expensive "toy" forthe name is a hydro-vacuum cleaner. It cleans not only certain surfaces, but also air in the house due to the fact that the collected dust is not collected in a bag, but in a special compartment filled with liquid. It is generally accepted that the quality of harvesting by such a machine is several times higher than that of ordinary and even washing. Experts argue that allergic people and asthmatic people with their own noses feel this difference.

▼ And you can also buy a built-in vacuum cleaner! This novelty has already passed from the category of unscientific science fiction to reality. The vacuum cleaner itself is permanently installed somewhere on the balcony or in the pantry. Ducts (tubes that run clean and dirty air) can be hidden in walls or in the floor. However, they can be laid and next to the skirting boards or under the ceiling and hidden by decorative panels. They are brought to each room. In rooms, however, there are visually present only pneu-nets - "holes", in which you need to insert a hose. I inserted the hose, cleaned the room, pulled it out, went to the next. Advantages, according to experts, are that the vacuum cleaner should not be dragged along. The system operates silently. And, most importantly, with a 100% guarantee - all the dust from the house is eliminated!

We hope that our short comments will help you find out what kind of "domestic animal" with a trunk is better to settle in your house.

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