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All styles of furniture design in the interior

The color of the room, decorated in the seaStyle, very predictable. At the heart of any sea interior lies the contrast of pure white and various shades of blue. The traditional approach to interior design in a marine style does not tolerate color experiments and must be strictly maintained in the main color palette. The color solutions of marine interiors are inspired by the landscapes of seaside cities, that is why in the interiors design the colors of sea waves and coastal sand, blue sky and white sails are used. As you can see, enough colors are used to create a traditional naval interior. In no case is it necessary to use only two colors when decorating an interior, it is better to choose a minimum of three or four shades, contrasting to each other.

For example, a red accent color will help to highlightA few items from the situation and create an additional contrast. Red can be a sofa, which against the background of blue floors and snow-white walls will look very appropriate and stylish.

There is a modern version of the sea style,Which allows you to use in an environment softer pastel colors: warm yellow, the color of chalk, azure, turquoise. Pure white color in modern interpretation of sea style is used a little. An alternative version of the navy style is perfectly suited furniture of modern design, made of light wood.

With flowers in a modern version of the marine styleYou can experiment, the only rule that you need to adhere to not go beyond the style - absolutely all colors within the same room should be applied in the same doses. Only in this case the dominant color will not appear in the interior, and all colors will organically look next to each other.

Not for one interior style of color do not meanMore than for ethnic. And, you need to know that Muslims refer to flowers in a completely different way than Christians. For Muslims, every color is symbolic. For example, red means fire and blood, green is considered the color of Islam, white is paradise.

Favorite colors in the interior of residents of countriesNorth Africa - these are the colors of their surrounding nature - different shades of the desert, as well as the colors of precious stones and spices. The main colors in the palette are ocher and terracotta, as well as the color of cinnamon and saffron. With these colors, beautifully combine turquoise and emerald colors, as well as the color of sapphire. These colors can be seen in mosaics on the walls, in the form of countertops and pylons.

Ethnic interior style is usually divided into Moroccan and Indian.

The Moroccan style uses a smallerNumber of colors than in Indian. These few colors, creating all the uniqueness of the Moroccan style, effectively look at the background of pure white walls and brown floors.

The color scheme used to create interiors by Indians is distinguished by contrast and riot of colors.

Hindus are very fond of mixing bright colors fromDifferent color scales: blue cobalt and red, cinnabar and gold. But pure white color, and just neutral tones they use very rarely. To create an interior in the Indian style, you can choose any, even seemingly incompatible colors: tikka, cinnabar, saffron. To succeed in creating an Indian style in the interior, you need to select only three colors and mix them with silver or gold.

Despite the apparent ease, it is difficult to create a harmonious interior, and this occupation requires some practice.

Now you know all about how to properly decorate the interior in a maritime or exotic style and, undoubtedly, create a stylish and spectacular interior.

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