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"Flight Lady" system: cleaning the house

In the "fly lady" system (cleaning the house withPleasure and without much effort), there are several main postulates developed by the creator herself, Marla Scilly. She really wanted to help her poor girlfriends and all the ladies who were tired of endless and all-consuming cleaning.

The creator herself is a very brisk and full-blown womanEnergy, she was very disappointed that some dust and dirt, makes all beautiful princesses turn into Cinderella, which neither ball nor prince does not shine at all. So Marla decided to save the young ladies from this murderous captivity.

The distribution of the "fly lady" system beganNot far from 1999, when Marla literally attacked the girls' e-mails with her letters describing the system. Many housewives, rubbing rubbed calluses, sat down to read the messages, and ... and finally forgot about the cleaning: after all, Marla so easily described the way to get rid of the burden of the economy, leaving time for a loved one.

It was Marla who coined the term Fly Lady, whichNow translates a bit wrongly, like a "flying lady". In principle, the name corresponds, but initially fly was just an abbreviation for the phrase "finally loving yourself" (which means "love yourself at last!"). Such is the cry of the soul of a housewife.

Now the system for cleaning the house without much expense andEffort - this is the whole flow of the hostesses, infinitely grateful to Marla for making her life better and teaching him how to manage time properly. But it is now. And then, in 1999, the whole movement was so small and inconspicuous that it seemed that it was unlikely to survive and develop.

But, before you become more familiar with the system"Fly lady", let's find out what kind of terminology this modern and happy housewife enjoys. In fact, there are only three "narrow" and specific terms: a control journal (hello from school?), Routines and zones.

Let's begin the decoding from the end. Zones are parts of your apartment or house, something that always needs cleaning. That is, it is a bathroom, a bedroom, a vestibule, a living room, a kitchen - in general everything that is conceived by architects as separate rooms. Fly lady usually takes each zone its time, it is possible for weeks - not to get off. Let's say that this week you give only work in the bedroom, and all the other zones let them wait their turn.

Routines - it's not hard to guess is that weDo it day in and day out, the bored and boring duties of the girl. According to the "fly" system, every housewife should do so that routine matters turn into joyful and pleasant, which you want to do again and again. The system divides all these routines into two forms: evening and morning. In the morning we usually clean our teeth, drink coffee and paint ourselves - that's the routine for you. And in the evening - spread the bed before going to bed, open your favorite book and plunge into reading. And now stop! Here, from now on, there must be one more item: the list of cases for the day to come. Now you are an active and fast housewife, many things simply can not be kept in mind at once - they will have to be written down.

But the notebook for all these useful and necessaryRecords - this is the same control journal. You need to divide it into several parts. First of all, there must be a section with a plan for each week, or rather - for every day of the day, where the hostess should determine the main occupation to which she will devote her free time. For example, on Monday the lady's flight will be vacuumed, and on Tuesday - go shopping. A great invention! In addition to these global tasks, in the audit trail, you should also write down all kinds of little things that can fly out of your head. Another section of the journal is all contacts of your relatives and friends and all the necessary social services.

And, in the end, the last chapter of yourControl log will be a personal page. Here I will write down all the interesting ideas, home tricks and household tricks, which, in your opinion, will necessarily come in handy someday. After all, we often hear on the radio or in a television program about all sorts of interesting and necessary moments - but all of them will soon fly out of my head.

The most important things from the arsenal of a real lady fly

The first thing is, perhaps, a timer, because itsThe value in the lady's flag system is the key. Having determined: what kind of homework and work you find boring and most tiring, take these routines only 15 minutes a day - sort of like they did, and did not get bored. But this does not mean at all that you have to perform work somehow, through your sleeves. No, try to work on the glory - and you'll see that 15 minutes for cleaning - it's not so little!

Sink - it should always shine and sparkle. What for? Do you think it does not matter at all - how does the kitchen sink look like in any housewife? Maybe this is so, however, cleaning this kitchen furniture daily, putting it in order, you learn to adequately endure the very routines that most bother you. They just become a habit, you execute them quickly, clearly and well. No, of course, you could spend this time on things more pleasant, but still it's great when in the morning in the kitchen you are greeted by cleanliness, and not by mountains of unwashed dishes.

Appearance - will start with shoes instead of the usual andFluffy house slippers. Again, the question may arise: why torture feet with walking on his heels even around the house? The answer is simple6 it will not let you relax. For home slippers are usually followed by other laziness: too lazy to give shape to the eyebrows, laziness to make a hairdress, too lazy to wash your home shirt. And who will you turn into later? The spectacle is unpleasant - that's for sure! But shoes necessarily mean the appropriate appearance - you will always be ready for the unexpected arrival of your guests into your house - and they will not have to blush in front of them for an apron, spattered with fat, and for not ironed pants.

The main principles that guided the lady's flag

1. Always make sure that your house does not accumulate unnecessary junk. After all, every thing should give you only positive emotions, but cause sadness and pity for memories of yourself. Better give a sweatshirt and a skirt, which you still do not wear, to those who need them. Or just throw it away!

2. Watch where dirt and dust collects in your house most often, and constantly monitor them: it does not allow your monastery to turn into a real barn.

3. The main thing - do not rush into the system, as in a whirlpool with a head. Try to understand: is this what will save you from routine? Start small - with the content in an ideal cleanliness of the shell, and then we'll see.

Fly ladies are becoming more popular

At first glance, there is nothing in the lady's systemComplex or sophisticated, it is available to everyone and, perhaps, there is not a single housewife in the world that she would not be able to deal with. And despite all its simplicity and even elementarity, this system is becoming more popular and popular, not only in the West, where housewives have long wondered how to bring their huge house in order, without dying at night from impotence . In Russia, the lady's flag is also not in short supply - moreover, they are not necessarily just housewives - some of them also spend the whole day at work. Therefore, they manage everything! Probably such an explosion is provoked by the main advantages of the fly lady system.

  1. Interactivity. As soon as the young lady, who decided to take the flight of the lady's flag, starts to study the matter thoroughly, she immediately understands: "I'm not alone!" In all the forums and websites devoted to the system, she will read that millions of women just like her, get tired of the routine and are looking for a way to avoid it - and, most importantly, find it in the fly lady system!
  2. Simplicity. Indeed, the fly lady system is very simple, it allows you to clean the house quickly and well, while leaving you a lot of free time, which every housewife will happily spend on yourself.
  3. This system teaches! Yes, yes, it teaches. Teaches you how to love the home space that surrounds you, where you live. But, you see, without love for him, any kind of cleaning will turn into a hard and tedious work. I always want to clean my favorite living space and put it in order.
  4. One who can easily cope with domesticObligations - it will be easier to manage your personal life - and this is a fact. Probably, that's why the lady's system, constantly evolving, is now trying to teach all housewives to properly manage their time.

As you can see, the flight lady system is very convenient and practical: it allows you to put your house in order and at the same time not forget about the order in life and in the shower!

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