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How to choose a freezer for reliability

But to make blanks, which in winter not onlyThey will save their strength, but they also want finance. And in that case, frost comes to the rescue. Fruits, vegetables, berries and greens - all perfectly preserved for more than one month and is then used for cooking different dishes. Who has ever tried to prepare vegetable mixes for ragout and compotes himself, he no longer agrees to return to canned billets. But sometimes the technique is failing. More truly, its volumes: not all refrigerators have such freezers in which the products chosen by you fit. And what should I do? Of course, expand. Namely: to expand the volumes of the freezer, which gradually from the index of luxury turned into a usual need. So, how to choose a freezer for reliability we'll tell you now.

Surface inspection of rows

Today, household appliances stores offerA great variety of freezing chambers - from 65 cm to 2 m in height. Outwardly they look like refrigerators, but inside essentially differ, first of all, by the number of drawers, and also by their design. For example, some models have transparent containers, while others - on the contrary, are painted in matte colors. This technique is usually used at home, and in stores, owners prefer freezing chests - horizontal devices with an opening up cover, in which ice cream, frozen convenience foods and other products are stored.

We define the class ... by "snowflakes"

When choosing a freezer, the consumer,First of all, is interested in the temperature that the device can provide. And to calculate it very easily, without even resorting to the help of a sales consultant. After all, on the doors of freezing chambers, manufacturers usually place the designation "snowflakes", the number of which indicates the degree of cold inside the device. Because each such "snowfield" corresponds to a temperature of -6 ° C, as well as the duration of storage of products. For example, one "snowflake" claims that your reserves will be safe for 7 days, two - increase the temperature to 12 ° C, and the shelf life - up to a month, three - guarantee a temperature regime up to -18 ° C, and shelf life - up to two Months. In addition, there are models on which there are four "snowflakes", which guarantee a shelf life of products up to six months.


And if you understand the temperature, thenThe next thing you should pay attention to is reliability. The reliability of the freezer includes the range of operating temperatures, that is, how technically able to function normally at high temperatures. For example, ARDO freezers can work even at temperatures up to + 43 ° C, which is beyond the power of many competitors. Also, buyers should pay attention to the time to maintain the temperature when power is cut off. Few people know that some models are able to maintain a given temperature regime up to 51 hours. What is extremely important for products that can not be left without a cold for a long time.

Management type

Technical progress does not stand still, and we, asConsumers, we get a choice, including in the type of management of our equipment - mechanical, old-fashioned, and electronic, which makes it possible to feel that you control at least a spacecraft. Mechanical type of control, as a rule, is installed on the simplest models. It does not allow you to set the most accurate temperature values. For models with electronic control, the presence of a display and the ability to set the desired temperature, up to 1 degree. By the way, on the functional models, manufacturers often install a digital display.

Additional functions

Availability of the "Fast freeze" (synonym"Superzamorozka") allows you to quickly freeze the newly laid products if necessary. When this function is enabled, the minimum (-24 ° C) temperature is set regardless of the position of the regulator. Rapid freezing at temperatures not higher than -18 ° C provides storage of products at home for up to 1 year. Not too much will be a special anti-corrosion treatment. It is able to provide maximum operation of the freezer, not allowing corrosion to destroy its metal parts. And antibacterial treatment promotes long-term storage of products, since all bacteria that come into contact with the inner walls of the freezer compartment simply die.

Manufacturer country

In addition to the technical features, we recommend clarifyingCountry-manufacturer, since it has a direct relationship, both to the quality of the production technology, and to the quality of the components used. For example, the technology of the same brand can be collected in different countries, respectively, and the quality of this equipment will in practice be different: in countries with developed industrial culture - Germany, Italy - the quality will be higher. Collecting material for this article, I had to bypass not one household appliance store. Opening the doors and knowing the case with containers to store food, she noted with pleasure: the technique is really good for freezing the summer, and for making ice cubes for cocktails. By the way, the latter can be done quite "fun", for example, freezing in each dice a cherry or a piece of mint.

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