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Which coffee maker to choose for a home?

Grains, pails, milk

Cook delicious coffee, not only espresso,But also cappuccino, and even hot chocolate, will help the carob type carob. The device is quite affordable. Pros - compact and original design, minus - much has to be done manually, for example, to fill up coffee and wash the filter after each cup. Most carob coffee makers are pumping: heated water under pressure passes through a filter with ground coffee, and the drink fills one or two cups at a time. The taste of espresso and characteristic foam will manifest themselves to the fullest extent if the filter is of optimal design. A number of models use proprietary solutions: Vitek - the Perfect Brewing system, Rowenta - the "perforated" Cremax filter, a new series of Saeco Nina coffee machines - the Crema horn for getting a thick foam without tamping coffee. Equally important is the choice of raw materials. Freshly ground coffee beans are preferable, however, you need to have a coffee grinder handy. Compromise is to use pre-packaged coffee of special grind for coffee makers or chalda - portioned filter packs with tablets of ground coffee. For their brewing are suitable such novelties as DeLonghi Icona, Krups ХР4050 К2. In control, the coffee machine is quite simple: you have to fill the tank with water, fill a portion of coffee into the horn, lightly compact it with a tempura-tempera, or put the chalde and start the cooking process. Models are more expensive measure the amount of water per cup themselves.

Store of coffee

If as a result of experiments with a horn drinkNot always the desired consistency, then the espresso prepared in the automatic coffee machine will certainly be delicious and rich. Not so long ago, the market appeared capsule type models - for brewing coffee from special capsules. The technology is uncomplicated: all you need is to pour water, insert the capsule and press the button. The used capsule is automatically discarded in a special container. Despite the fact that the only raw material for such coffee makers are capsules, the choice of coffee varieties is quite wide. For example, the Nespresso coffee system includes 16 species from a strong Ristretto to a light Cosi, plus 3 varieties of Lungo (for a large cup) and as much as decaffeinated. In order for the drink to turn out to be fragrant and saturated, a patented extraction system with a pressure of up to 19 bar is used. Capsule coffee makers are usually designed to prepare one serving at a time. Separate models, for example Nespresso CitiZ & Co, allow to weld two cups simultaneously. Not everyone has the ability to whip milk, so if you prefer cappuccino and coffee-milk shakes, take a look at the milk container devices, such as DeLonghi Lattissima. Another option is to buy a coffee machine with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto system: in addition to the espresso from the capsule, you can brew cappuccino or hot chocolate.

Clever and clean

Freshly brewed coffee is indispensable in the mornings and inDuring the day, but not always there is an extra minute for cooking even one or two cups, not to mention the coffee ceremony for the whole family. However, if an automatic coffee machine appears in the house, the problem of time is solved: the cooking process is electronically controlled and does not require any effort on your part. Beforehand, water and milk are poured, coffee beans and ground coffee are poured. Using the push-button or touch-panel control panel, you can select the desired beverage and the cooking program. The absolute majority of coffee machines are stand-alone, but there are also built-in ones that produce AEG, Electrolux, Siemens, Miele. In general, the principle of operation of such devices is the same, but at the same time, the company also uses unique developments. So, in the PrimaDonn model from DeLonghi there is a CRF system: the cooking unit rises to the coffee grinder, "takes" the freshly ground coffee and moistens it to open the fragrance. Any such unit is capable of boiling a cup after a cup without fatigue, but no more than two at a time. The exception is the Electrolux Caffe Grande Macchiato with the Multi-cup mode: a thermos bottle is included, which can be installed in the coffee maker, the number of cups within 10, and the thermos filled with coffee.

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