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What is better to choose - aerogril or microwave oven

Indeed, cooking meat in the grill is somethingIt reminds the same process on the grate - in both cases the products are blown with a stream of heated air, but in the aerogrill the heating element works instead of the coals, and the fan creates the necessary airflow. For three decades, aerogrill has undergone a number of improvements, has acquired a number of additional functions.

Usually aerogrill is a glass container with a lid, in which a heating element and a fan are built in. At the expense of the first, heating occurs, the second - provides air circulation.

Aerogril created as the next generation microwave appliances for microwave ovens, which includes all the positive aspects of microwave.

So all the same, what is better to choose - aerogril or microwave oven?

According to manufacturers, aerogrill, inUnlike a microwave oven, it allows cooking dishes without the use of oil and other fats. However, microwave ovens with a grill and convector also work on this technology.

But the fundamental difference between aerogrill frommicrowave ovens is precisely the fact that in microwave production of products is due to high-frequency radiation, and in aerogril - due to processing by hot air flow.

Cooking and heating in aerogrills carried outthe uniform influence of hot clean air (and not microwaves, which some users and experts consider dangerous), and this method allows you to preserve juiciness and give exceptional taste to products. When cooking on the grill, there is no contact of the products with heating surfaces, which contributes to the preservation of useful substances, while fat, which is not useful to everyone and not everyone likes, is heated during cooking.

If you cook soup, then all the products in the tankare laid simultaneously, and the process of the formation of scale in the aerogrill is completely absent. When using aerogrill, the risk that milk porridge will run away or burn will be reduced to zero, the cutlets are fried evenly from all sides (and you do not need to turn them over), hot sandwiches do not turn out to be hard and heavy, as it sometimes happens in a microwave. Aerogrile has no equal wherever healthy cooking methods are needed - languishing, steaming, quenching.

The simplest aerogrill will cope with bakingbirds, cooking soup, cooking dietary dishes for a couple, cooking eggs. You can bake pies in an aerogrill, fry meat and fish. Aerogril "knows how" to sterilize the banks, moreover - to cook directly in the jam banks. Inside the device, a closed space of constant volume is created - when heated, a pressure above atmospheric pressure arises, and the boiling point of water becomes higher than in normal conditions - about 140 degrees. This makes the sterilization process more effective, in the course of which bacteria are eliminated, the harvesting of fruits and berries can now be made without sugar at all - sterility is so high. And most importantly - the jam cooked in this way is not candied.

In aerogrill, drying of mushrooms, berries, greens,rusks, fruit, candied fruits, pastilles, fries of seeds and nuts, preparation of soups-mashed potatoes. There are even recipes for smoking in airgreen birds, meat and fish in hot and cold fashion using alder chips or chemical smoke.

Aerogril reduces the allergenicity of processed products. It allows you to use any dishes, including utensils made of metal and heat-resistant plastic.

A large volume of aerogril allows cooking up tothree dishes at the same time. For example, you can make soup, a second course and dessert in 30-40 minutes, using small containers. The smells of the dishes do not mix, but the person's participation in the cooking process will be required only for cleaning, cutting and bookmarking the products. By the way, when cooking one dish food smells around, too, will not, and this is important if the kitchen is combined with a room or not at all.

But a microwave with two working spaces or a chamber capacity of over 30 liters is also capable of cooking several dishes at the same time.

Cooked in a microwave oven has a number oflimitations: first of all, microwaves act solely on water molecules, so the heating of products is possible only up to 100 degrees, that is, up to the boiling point of water. Meat in these conditions does not yet acquire a mouthful of rudeness, and the baking is not covered with a pleasantly crispy crust. For such tasks, a multifunctional microwave oven is needed - such devices are still characterized by cumbersome, high energy consumption, and high price.

Usually Russian consumers acquiresimple microwave, the limit of which is the heating of products. In any microwave oven, the use of metal dishes, dishes with a shiny "rim" is not allowed, it is impossible in these ovens and frying in oil, and cooking eggs in the shell, and heating food and food in a sealed package. Products in the shell - for example, the liver, vegetables like potatoes or carrots - have to be punctured, otherwise they run the risk of "exploding" due to rapidly emerging steam during heating. When cooking porridge in a microwave oven, the cereals must be soaked.

Manufacturers call the dignity of the aerogrill itsthe ability to replace several units of different kitchen appliances. But advertising slightly exaggerates the benefits of aerogrill - it still can not replace all other appliances in your kitchen. Thus, steaming is still weak, heating food faster and more conveniently in the microwave. Oven or stove - "miracle" better and faster cope with baking.

Disadvantage can be considered and strong heating of the bulb of aerogrip, especially if the house has children.
Further: although the manufacturers guarantee the stable operation of the aerogrill with voltage drops, but with a drop in voltage and the probability of a decrease in the performance of the device is great. So you should bear this in mind, especially since the power consumed by the device is significant, and aerogrill lasts quite a long time - a combination of these factors will undoubtedly affect the bills for electricity.

The results of studies of consumer opinion onthe topic "What is better to choose - aerogrill or microwave oven, in your opinion?" show that about half of users have microwave ovens - only for defrosting and heating products - and aerogrill. So buying an aerogrill does not oblige you to refuse a microwave.

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