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Interior of a small children's room

About how to create the right and comfortable interiorWe'll tell you the children's room today. Today your child sutra until the evening watching a cartoon about Shrek and playing exclusively in it. You buy a Shrek suit, a mask, a princess, toy locks ... And when you repair a children's room, you even manage to find wallpaper based on your favorite cartoon. And it does not matter how much they cost. The main thing that your baby was happy and satisfied! But here is a couple of weeks, and your child is no longer a jerk to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and presents himself exclusively to Jack Sparrow. Green wallpaper with Shrek begin to irritate him ... The interior of a small children's room can tell a lot.

Rule number 1

Never make a room for a childMovies or books - get bored right away and have to redo it. It is understatement and inconsistency that gives rise to ideas. If the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman are depicted on the wall, they can never be in the perception of the child by anyone other than what they are. If, for example, a garden is drawn, then - depending on the age of your child - in his fantasy will play out a variety of scenes in this garden. The colorful butterflies will flutter, dinosaurs will appear from behind the trees, and the beautiful princess in the castle on the mountain - it's true, to wait for your knight.

Rule No. 2

The interior of the nursery should stimulateThe development of the child's imagination. Children grow fast, they change their passions and hobbies. And it is very important to remember that the children's room should grow and change with your child. Make it so that these changes can be made easily, not rebuilding anything or changing radically. In the end, you do not want to do repairs every year?

Rule No. 3

The child should be easily transformed and notCost a lot of money. Every child needs to feel protected. Perhaps, that is why children like to build all kinds of huts and houses on trees. It is in small houses that the child feels the correspondence of the scale, and this gives him a sense of security. Canopies above the bed, miniature children's furniture, low shelves with books or toys - all this allows the child to feel comfortable in the room, regardless of whether a large children's room or a small one.

Rule No. 4

Any parents will agree that the number ofToys in a child increases so quickly that, if you do not provide for in advance the places for their storage, the child will instantly turn into a branch of the Detsky Mir store. In addition to the obvious practical inconvenience, it also makes it difficult to put the child to bed, because too many bright, distracting elements appear before your eyes. Correspondence of the scope of the children's room. Especially good for this purpose are chests, boxes and chests of drawers, in which the child will be able to clean his own toys before going to bed. Try to also be attentive to the choice of toys for the child in terms of not only their safety and environmental friendliness, but also aesthetics. It is known that the taste is formed from childhood. Beautiful objects surrounding a person are able to develop in him a good taste and artistic perception of life literally from the cradle.

Rule number 5

Carefully choose the finishing materials. When creating an interior for children this is especially important. If you use paint, make sure it is safe and non-toxic. Some paint manufacturers even have a special "child" line. The wallpaper should be paper, not vinyl. Pay special attention to sex, since a huge part of the child's life passes exactly on the floor. Do not use woolen carpets - they often cause allergies.

Before You Begin

  • Colour

In addition to the traditional blue and pink shades, try more neutral: tobacco or soft blue-blue serve as an ideal base for adding bright accents.

  • Furniture

Perhaps you already have items that are suitable for children. Why not repaint a good chest of drawers or pull a comfortable chair, picking up a harmonious shade?

  • Lighting

Try to get more daylight into the nursery, but be sure to hang protective screens on the windows so that the light does not interfere with the baby during sleep or rest.

  • Floors

Very good for children's cotton and sisal coatings. The latter also provide additional prophylaxis of flat feet.

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