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Spices, spices: useful properties

Star anise

He's a badon, a dried fruit of an anise tree. Its oil (anethole) is attributed to antiviral properties. Add a "star" for the flavor to tea, gravy, soups, marinade. They will become sweeter. Mint of sodium meat.


Petioles are bitterly bitter, so inminimum portions they are appropriate in marinades and meat dishes. Hats reveal themselves in sweets. All of them are placed just before the readiness. Choose a carnation, buttery to the touch. It will have an antiseptic effect. Remember: a burning spice does not recognize vinegar.


The severity depends directly on the saturationanti-cancer capsaicin. The most "fiery" in Chile is the inner plates and seeds. If you do not want to burn the mucous membrane (use gloves), use only the flesh. If you have problems with digestion, exclude it.


His sweet seeds refresh the breath and relieve the heaviness in the stomach. Try olive oil, honey and mustard in the form of salad dressing.


Chopped dried bark sticks are added to muffins and fruit dishes, cereals, chocolate shortly before the end of cooking. Antioxidants found in it, stabilize the level of sugar in the blood.

Black pepper

Improves the absorption of selenium, vitamins A and B group.

Paprika (red pepper)

It will share vitamins A and C. Its sweetish taste is combined with any dishes in which there are tomatoes or cabbage. Choose a bright red paprika.


It is rude and not without its sharpness. But among the spices is leading by the content of iron. Grind fish or mutton before cooking. Add whole grains to the water when cooking root crops.


He collected notes of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Suitable for meat, and for batter (ground). It counteracts glycation - "gluing" collagen fibers with glucose. This prevents the skin from drying out.


Pikanten. It removes inflammation (including physical activity), nausea. If mixed with honey and heated, the glaze for carrots and other root crops will turn out.


Pods buy buttery to the touch. The best of them are covered with white coating from the active ingredient - vanillin. And he kills cancer cells. To neutralize the bitterness of spices, it is mixed with sugar. Whole is good in marinades.


Sweetish, with citrus aroma, comes tofruit, oatmeal, flour and confectionery. In its essential oils there is a bioactive component, which, due to the removal of inflammation, reduces asthmatic manifestations. Better buy it in a pod and shred the seeds.


The whole seeds give lemon notes to the stewed chicken, ground to the fruit in the dough. Refine the taste of bread, confectionery, cheese and dishes from meat, sauces, soups.


Its ingredient, myristicin, helps the human body to fight infection. Spice is considered a secret component of meat balls, cream soups, dishes from rice, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, fruit.


Five minutes before the readiness to drop the pinchbitter spices in chicken broth, to shellfish or white fish. When mixing, add it to the baking. Saffron will color them yellow. Buy soft to the touch stigmas of dark red and red brown (not yellow!) Tones.


Dry root of a tropical plant for food is added very moderately. Basically, where the rice and eggs. It fits well with all spices.

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