/ How to choose a reliable microwave oven?

How to choose a reliable microwave oven?

Before those who are just preparing to purchase this device, there is a natural question: how to choose a reliable microwave oven?

The main detail of the microwave oven is a magnetron - a device,Which produces electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves penetrate a certain depth inside the heated product and transmit their energy to the molecules of fat and water. Then these molecules transmit this energy, transforming it into heat, further into the heated dish. For an even distribution of microwaves, additional internal structures are used, but most importantly, the product is rotated inside the furnace chamber. It should be understood that, although such a furnace heats up well, but microwave is not suitable for frying. For a full cook in the microwave using a quartz grill, so that many modern microwave ovens operate not only due to microwave radiation.

Doubts about the safety of this radiationWe can say that when the oven is operating within a 5 cm radius from it, the microwave level is slightly lower (for a new microwave oven) or slightly higher (if the furnace is already several years old) than a standard GSM mobile phone at the same distance. But we use the phone without fear and keep it to the body much closer.

Microwave ovens vary in volumeFor cooking - from 12 to 42 liters. Usually there is enough volume of the chamber from 20 liters or 25-30 if a grill is used. The determining value is not so much the volume of the chamber as the diameter of the pallet.

Preparation of different products requires differentPower microwaves. The peculiarity of microwave technology is that the power of the furnace itself does not change, and its adjustment is performed by periodically switching on and off the magnetron. Some models of furnaces use the technology of inverter control, the essence of which is the same on / off magnetron, but with a frequency hundreds of times greater, and for hundredths of a second, rather than for a few seconds.

Many microwave ovens have the function of "blocking fromChildren ", also called" protection from a fool. " It automatically turns off the flow of microwaves when the door is opened. Some models of microwaves are equipped with a spit. It is convenient for cooking uncut large pieces of meat or fish, for baking game.

Materials for the inner chamber of the furnace are usedDifferent - depending on the equipment class. The simplest and cheapest models are simply covered from the inside with paint - in such a chamber you can not prepare complicated dishes that require strong heating and are prepared for a long time. The stainless steel cover is more resistant, but it is more difficult to clean. Reliable and beautiful ceramic or bioceramic coating, it is easy to take care of. But most often as the internal material of microwave ovens is used a coating based on special enamels and acrylics - they are also durable, inexpensive and easy to clean.

From the magnetron antenna the radio waves along the waveguidepenetrate into the chamber of the furnace through a hole covered with a plate of mica or, much less often, of fluoroplastic. Mica does not allow penetration into the waveguide by droplets of fat and various contaminants formed in the furnace chamber during cooking. Mica is gradually impregnated with fat and loosened, which can cause arcing inside the furnace (this is unsafe), so that periodically the mica plate will have to be replaced. The fluoroplastic plate is less prone to such influences and, as a rule, does not require replacement, but the advantage of mica is in its availability: even if it is impossible to find a mica plate from the manufacturer, you can buy a regular sheet of mica and cut a plate of the desired shape with scissors.

Caring about how to choose a reliablemicrowave oven, pay attention to its functionality. The built-in timer allows you to set the cooking time of the dish. More convenient models, in which the timer has a large time scale. The cooking programming function is convenient, especially if you use complex recipes. The oven automatically determines the time and modes required, you will need to enter a mass and select the type of product. The on delay sets the cooking start time - this is convenient if you save time and want to come home by the time the dish is ready.

The alarm will signal the end of cooking. There is an opportunity to learn about the degree of readiness of the dish, if the oven is equipped with a steam sensor. Such a sensor reacts to the humidity level, changing as the dish is ready to cook. Depending on the value of this indicator, the microwave mode is automatically adjusted.

A reliable microwave oven has a seriesautomatic functions. Automatic defrosting simplifies the choice of power after entering the mass and type of product. Automatic heating is realized by programming several ready-made heating sequences, and you just need to enter the product data correctly. There are models with the function of automatic cooking according to recipes embedded in the memory of the furnace during production, and there are models with the possibility for the user to independently enter their recipes into the microwave oven memory. To keep the ready-made dish warmed up, the automatic temperature maintenance function is designed.

Manufacturers offer microwaves as withmechanical, and electronically controlled. Microwave furnaces with mechanical control are simple and reliable - usually they have only two handles for control, one for timing and power. Electronic microwave ovens provide the full range of complex multi-stage automated cooking processes.

In modern microwave ovens, different modes and cooking methods are combined, for example, a combination of grilling and microwaves, odor removal, accelerated warm-up and accelerated defrosting.

Some furnaces are equipped with speciala design for integration into the kitchen unit section. For most models, you can buy a frame for embedding separately, after which your microwave oven will forever take its place of honor in the kitchen and day after day will delight you with delicious and quality dishes. We wish you pleasant enjoyment!

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