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How to choose the right electric cooker

It will only deal with stand-aloneElectric stoves: firstly, the functions of embedded analogues are usually the same as solo technique, secondly - built-in appliances are more expensive than similar free-standing ones and require, first of all, the solution of the issue with a kitchen set.

Today, the choice of electric cookers is represented by two groups:

  • Plates with enameled working surface and hot plates "pancakes";
  • Plates with glass ceramic surface.

The first group of plate types you know well, becausethey were used by more than one generation of our compatriots. The main and undoubted advantages of such boards are low price, easy operation, relatively cheap and uncomplicated repairs. There are also disadvantages: inconvenience of maintenance, long heating and cooling of the burner after shutdown, uneconomical - because a lot of heat is used for nothing. Some models are equipped with hot-plate burners - these are sometimes indicated with red circles.

The ceramic glass surface is made ofa composite material with properties of both glass and ceramics - unlike simple glass, such a material withstands significant loads. These surfaces have a higher thermal conductivity than conventional enameled ones, and this makes the management of the cooking process more accurate and easier.

Other advantages of glass-ceramic plates:

  • Convenience in cleaning. With the help of special scrapers and cleaning agents for glass ceramics, even the heaviest soiling can be removed quickly and easily.
  • Fast heating of hotplates and their rapid cooling;
  • Economical - only the area of ​​the hotplate itself is heated, and the surface of the glass-ceramic around the burners remains practically cold;
  • There is no risk of overturning the pan;
  • Borders around the working surface will not allow the liquid to flow out of the plate;
  • Variety of types of burners, with various additional functions.

The disadvantage of glass-ceramic plates is theirhigh cost and low impact resistance. In case of damage from the impact, you will have to order a new surface in the service center, it can cost up to 50% of the price of the plate itself, and its delivery can be long and complicated.

And for cooking on such surfaces special dishes are needed: in pots and pans the bottom should be perfectly even and not deform when heated.

A few words about the burners of glass-ceramic plates.

  • Two-circuit - allow to include one ringWith a smaller or larger heating area depending on the size of the dishes. You can use one burner for a large frying pan, a small bucket or a coffee pot. Such burners can also have an oval heating zone - in this case, by increasing the heating area, an additional semi-circular section of the heating element is turned on, and the ring from the round turns into an oval ring. This ensures uniform heating of pots or casseroles with an oval bottom.
  • Hot-plates. The heating time is less for them than for conventional ones. So you can quickly boil water or other liquid, but for a long boiling them these burners do not fit.
  • The burners with halogen heating are equipped with a ringheating element with a gas from the group of halogens inside. These burners are designated by the letter "H", they quickly heat up to the maximum temperature after switching on, which saves both time and electricity. After shutting down, they cool down very quickly.
  • In unique hotplates with induction heating(indicated by "IN") as a working element is installed a special induction unit that generates heat directly in the bottom of the dishes according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. The hotplate itself is not heated at all! The only disadvantage of using such burners is the need for special utensils with a bottom of materials capable of magnetizing (from iron or steel). The usual saucepan on such a burner is not heated. The advantage of induction burners is their economy: there is practically no heat loss. Boiling on them occurs much faster, and the temperature is regulated even more accurately than the gas stove. In addition, on such burners you can heat dishes with a diameter smaller than the diameter of the burner.
  • The burners with autofocus are indicated by "AF" andThey are equipped with special sensors that automatically determine the size of the dishes installed on them. Only the "occupied" part of the cooking zone will be heated. This is both saving energy and increasing the functionality of the cooker.

Other features of glass-ceramic plates:

  • Indicators of residual heat determine which of the burners has not cooled down yet. It is convenient to keep the pan warm and saves you from the risk of burns;
  • Automatic boiling - after installing the regulatorto the level corresponding to boiling over low heat, it first increases the heating power to the maximum values ​​(only for the boiling time), and then returns to the level set by you;
  • The timer allows you to turn off the hotplateset time. Now you can leave the kitchen, leaving the dish on the burner: the cooker will automatically turn off at the right time, completing the preparation of the dish without your participation;
  • The mechanism of protection is designed to disconnect the cooker without the utensils after a certain time - in order to reduce the risk of fire;
  • Infrared sensor is a device patentedfirm Siemens - constantly measures the temperature in a saucepan. The contents of the pot on the burner are heated to the desired temperature, which shows the sound and visual indication, and then the temperature is maintained by the appliance at the set level. What is it for? For example, to boil the milk, without worrying about its boiling. To use this sensor you need special dishes - vessels covered with dark enamel, made of cast iron or equipped with a special strip.

Solving the question of how to choose the right oneelectric cooker for you, first of all, determine what dishes you will cook on it, and what functions for this you will be extremely necessary, and what can be neglected as useless.

When choosing the brand of your plate, pay attention towarranty conditions and ask the seller if there is a service center in your city that serves the plates of this brand and provides spare parts and components for the plates from the "native" manufacturer.

We wish successful acquisitions!

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