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How to choose the right refrigerator and what brand

Novelties make life much easier: It is convenient to make purchases for a week, prepare for future use, do not worry about the safety of products and do not think about defrosting. Of the many models, it will be easier to choose if you plan for yourself a landmark - capacity, advanced cooling technologies, efficiency or, say, functionality. How to choose the right refrigerator and what brand - all this in the article.

More is better

Modern refrigerators are designed for anyLoading: there are desktop mini-models, standard "pencil boxes" and huge multi-door "cabinets". Among single-door refrigerators for home or cottage with a freezer and without it there are adequately equipped inexpensive models (NORD, Daewoo). Popularity leadership is supported by two-chamber two-meter combi models with the bottom freezer (Atlant, ARDO, Indesit). At the same time, there are many fans at wide multi-door refrigerators, irreplaceable for long-term storage of fresh as well as frozen products. Particular attention should be paid to the champions of spaciousness - side-by-side units, the useful volume of which is approximately equal to the volume of two classic refrigerators (Smeg, Miele).

Fresh solutions

In a good refrigerator, your products are not justFor a long time they will not deteriorate, but they will also preserve useful properties and appetizing appearance. Uniformly distribute the air flow for gentle cooling and maintaining the necessary humidity allows multi-flow air circulation Multi Air Flow. To prolong the life of perishable products and fresh vegetables-fruits help "freshness zones" in modern refrigerators. In such "zero" chambers, provisions are stored at a temperature of about 0 ° C, more precisely from -1 ° C to + 3 ° C. Few units are able to store vitamins in products: there are refrigerators with a special vacuum compartment and a cassette "spraying" the antioxidant onto its contents; While others use LED lighting to preserve vitamin C in vegetables and fruits. In addition to this, removable filters are often used to protect products from bacteria and foreign odors, proprietary technologies for air purification and ionization, as well as an internal antibacterial coating based on silver ions.

Simply super

If for you the purchase of provisions for a week is a matterUsual, then your refrigerator can not do without such functions as "super-cooling" for a refrigerator and "super-freezing" - for a freezer. Names are different, but the idea is the same: with rapid cooling / freezing, the products do not have time to lose nutritional value. Do not waste time defrosting allows automatic thawing: drip system, and better No Frost - a special fan that prevents the formation of frost and ice. Not the least role is played by economy: preference should be given to refrigerators with a class of energy consumption A, A + and above - their content will be cheaper. The "vacation" mode also works on energy saving: leaving, you can completely turn off the cold store, leaving the freezer on.

Among other important features of new products are the following:

1) touch or keypad control panel and digital display, which displays the current parameters of the device;

2) two compressors in some models, so that independent temperature control in the chambers is possible;

3) sound / light signaling of power failure, unclosed door and other malfunctions;

4) free planning of the internal space with variable shelves, plug-in containers and special compartments for storing bottles and cans, pizza, medicines, cosmetics, etc .;

5) quiet operation - the noise level of the best aggregates does not exceed 38 dB;

6) Stylish design: White's place is occupied by red, black and color refrigerators, including mirror doors, various models of stainless steel, instruments with painted cases and ready for tuning.

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